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Published on December 19th, 2017 | by Jason Bourne


Richard Beavers Gallery Presents Frank Morrison’s Urban Restoration Exhibition


To celebrate its 10 year anniversary, the Richard Beavers Gallery has announced the Frank Morrison exhibition, titled Urban Restoration. Exploring the reclaiming of discourse surrounding urban environments and the voices which narrate, advocate and profit from their existence Urban Restoration is a dissertation on street art. Fine Art if you will that provides the allure of a new narrative that highlights everyday people who are at times under, or even worse- misrepresented. At its core, the exhibition highpoints the birth of Hip Hop and the collective of individuals who have journeyed through resilience and landed at survival.


“Urban Restoration pays tribute to the dynamic, hardworking, and dignified people of inner city communities.”

-Nickie Robinson, Spokesperson for Richard Beavers Gallery



Morrison uses graffiti tags, fashion and more to tell the story of a voiceless people who have been infringed upon by gentrification, economic inequality, and institutional racism.   Displaying individuals in a backdrop of the urban environments in which Morrison was raised his narrative is solidified.  Sending a message to viewers of the importance to stand up to and persevere through circumstance.  “Money, Power, and Respect” an inclusion to the exhibition captures the spirit of youthful existence. Playful colors, as well as the depiction of the iconic brand Kool-Aid add soul to the subjects and stimulate those who will relate to everyday urban life.

“My work dignifies the evolution of everyday, underrepresented people and places within the urban landscape. I seek to both highlight and preserve the soul of the city through the lens of inner-city, hip-hop culture, and urban iconography. The rhythmic gesture and movement within my work balances the often gritty and decayed surfaces with vibrancy and authenticity,”

-Frank Morrison


The Exhibition will run December 16, 2017 – January 28, 2018.



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