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Published on December 11th, 2017 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Statik Selektah drops the long awaited ‘8’ album

Sometimes we simply talk to da*m much about the music instead of just enjoying and celebrating the artistry of the select few making important strides in music. But when Statik Selektah FINALLY turns loose one of his babies it’s worth more than a mere mention. I swear getting a full-length project from this dude is like pulling teeth from an awake and pissed off lion so I HAVE to say something!

Statik Selektah’s 8 successfully traverses between jazz, soul, funk, Hip Hop‘s Boom Bap, and Selektah-isms comingled as always with voices who’s timbre firmly integrate with the track like a 1,000 thread-count piece of fabric. The result is a strength and warmth that takes you on a comfortable journey even when the subject matter is extremely serious. There’s always a guarantee Selektah’s chapter book story sonics will be detailed, polished and feature lyrical giants with something real to say… you’ll be edified as a music lover and Hip Hop fan, kinda like a revival at a Hip Hop Tabernacle…

8 features a banquet of Hip Hop’s sounds and lyrical presentations, 2 Chainz, Wiz, Chris Rivers, Action Bronson, Wale, G-Eazy, Joey Bada$$ and on and on and on make their appearances on what I’m going to early up and say this one is for keeps…20 years from now, this project will be a referred to as a showcase of Hip Hop music at its best. 5/5 for me but PLEASE judge for yourself and weigh in ~ JD


Editor’s Pick: What Can We Do (Parts 1 & 2)

This two-part joint has no slack in it anywhere, however, on Part 2Chris Rivers…whew! ~ JD

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