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Published on December 2nd, 2017 | by David Morales


The future of gaming

Video games have been a big part in pop culture since the 80s and they are about to take on a new world. Virtual reality is now changing the gaming experience. But let’s not forget about those classic gaming systems, and the popularity of professional eSport leagues and their influence on the industry. That is why Emmy Award winning TV personality and tech expert Katie Linendoll, joins The Hype magazine to discuss the new and exciting world of gaming and some of the tools you need to have the best gaming experience. Whether you are a pro gamer competing in a tournament or a causal player, there is nothing worse than losing power in your gaming controller during a match. Check out what Energizer has to say about the next up and coming work of gaming and what you can do to stay focused on your game play.          

I understand that you just came back from New York City Comic-con?

Yes, in our hometown. Comic-con is very different in San Diego to New York but of course living here, I absolutely love New York Comic Con. it’s unlike anything else.

How was it?

Well every year it gets a little larger, so this year I think they broke the record. It was over 200,000 people. I think my favorite part is just getting you the chance to cosplay and dress up. I always do a lot of different interviews with some of my favorite characters and in this year, I got to interview one of my good friends Ashley Eckstein, who is one of the voices of Star Wars rebels. It’s cool to be able to chat with people that are you know larger-than-life on camera but also get the hometown feel of being able to dress up and costume and be crazy.

Gaming is becoming a literal sport nowadays you know virtual reality is changing our gaming experience too!

Yes, and at comic-con, VR virtual reality was huge. A number of the different shows that we are so familiar with her actually kind of created content for virtual reality, and I think in terms of gaming and — what we’re talking about today is there’s over a billion gamers worldwide that kind of goes into different buckets. But what’s neat about VR and turning into this gaming world is it’s so much more immersive. I think it’s exciting that you know the consoles we have now are so high-tech and such a real experience but they become even more immersive and even more lifelike. You can actually put on a VR headset and dive right into the content yourself and really become part of the game. So, I think VR is the next big thing in gaming and once you’ve experienced that, you’ll likely agree.

How has the nostalgia factor played a part and come back to a classic gaming system?

It’s crazy! I think gaming right now is really exciting because you have the high-end virtual reality headsets and VR systems, but also you know your high-tech gaming consoles which evolve every single year and are incredible in terms of graphics and gameplay. But at the same time, we’re kind of going through this revival in terms of the classic gaming systems. Whether it’s on the Nintendo side the Atari side even the Commodore 64 side, these new plug-and-play units are still becoming available, are now becoming available to for all of us to play and I have to tell you one of my favorites is the Nintendo classic edition.  Now they just announced last week the Super Nintendo classic edition and when you have these little retro machines that have 200 or your favorite games built right in, like who doesn’t want to play a little Frogger. I think it’s exciting to actually go back to our roots of where we started with the world of gaming.

What sort of tools do we need to have the best gaming experience?

I think what’s interesting about no matter what console is of your choice, we’re finding you know I had the opportunity to partner with energizer and about 81 percent of gamers feel that same experience of being low on juice in the middle of a really important gaming session. I push people towards getting the best batteries because again no matter what console you’re playing with, you typically, always need the batteries for the wireless controller or for the add-on accessories and energizer ultimate lithium batteries are the number one double-a batteries in the game. So, you know if you’re one of those 80 percent of individuals myself included that they had that experience when you’re playing with a wireless controller and it’s just about to die during an important part or 60 percent of those people are actually finding have lost the game. So, stay juiced up in there you know you can have the best equipment in the world but if you don’t have the fundamentals and really great batteries, you can be doomed.

The popularity of professional eSport leads and the influence in the industries of the issue is huge. What can you tell me about that?

In 2016, it’s very new but super exciting and I think it’s only growing is leagues are now professional sporting areas. The league’s actually start in 2016 and people take gaming as a sport these little kinds of brush it off but in terms of the sponsorships and the prizing it’s just in a million-dollar range n itself. But as I noted earlier, if you have a billion gamers worldwide, it’s pretty crazy to think that tens of millions of them are actually broadcasting what their gaming and also watching other gamers play and then now to have these
competition at such a high level — yeah you’re going to want that million-dollar prize so it is a legit sport and I think it’s only going to grow for years to come.

Where can we go for more information?

Head on over to to check out more about ultimate lithium batteries but so check out more about all the best resources for your daily needs.


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