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Published on January 10th, 2018 | by Valerie Victor


Bitcoin Millionaire: Fitz Hall ‘Breaks Down’ crypto to the ‘Coin’

Fitz Hall, a 26 year old entrepreneur, is seemingly one of the most successful cryptocurrency experts in the U.S.A. Earning $1M in less than 12 months of being in the crypto business, Hall has pushed himself to the top percent of Bitcoin portfolio holders abroad.

Going from hardships, to big chips, the young mogul wasn’t always this successful. Before his major breakthrough, Hall tried a number of failed entrepreneurial endeavors. All the failed attempts left Hall in a hard spot. Even while crashing with friends, liquidating assets, and borrowing funds from supporters, Hall refused to give up. “I couldn’t be comfortable, it kept me on my toes,” said Hall. “I gave up my condo, and so many other things, but I refused to give up.”

Hall’s determination landed him at major success once he started researching and working on Bitcoin.  Bitcoin, one of the most popular form of cryptocurrency among crypto-users, is a type of digital currency. This form of currency does not exist in physical form, and is encrypted, which ultimately means that its data is coded and protected from hackers and thieves.

Fitz Hall had invested in the product way before its popularity and spent lots time teaching himself and researching about crypto space. “I actually knew about it for some time after a friend told me about it back in 2013. While it was only worth $50 a stock at that time, I realized it’s potential and did my homework,” said Hall. Today, Bitcoin holds shares at $11,192.24 each.

Due to Hall’s vast success, he wrote a book about winning with Bitcoin titled, The Bitcoin Breakdown. According to Hall, he wanted to help the people out there like himself that were willing and open to new ideas and avenues of investing and entrepreneurship.

His investment success has further inspired him to launch his next business venture, Koin Kloud. Koin Kloud began development in September 2017. Today, Hall is working on becoming the leading trade management in the cryptocurrency space. Take a look at the exclusive interview with Hype Magazine below.


What was it like before you had success.

When you come from a poor family, all you know is the bottom. Struggle doesn’t seem as bad when you are born into it. I’m often at my best when my back is against the wall. My hunger for growth and progress keep me motivated even in the worst of times.

Why didn’t your journey or failure discourage you?

I try to learn something from every situation in life. I also understand that failure is really code for experiment. In an experiment, there aren’t any failed results, only results. You learn from those results and implement a new experiment. I’ve definitely had some down moments, but in hindsight, they have all made me better, so, with that understanding, it encourages me to push through any misfortune or negative situations.

Bitcoin is very popular now, but how did you find out about it and what made you decide to look into it?

A friend of a friend told me about Bitcoin back in 2013. It was about $50 at the time. I sort of forgot about it, then I started noticing the price increasing and I ran into a guy who was making a nice profit through buying and selling Bitcoin. I researched a lot but didn’t have the motivation at the time to push through and find a breakthrough. When I lost all of my money and had to move back to my hometown, I decided Bitcoin was the only thing that had the potential to get me out of this mess. I also liked the idea of being able to make a name for myself in a new industry.

What advice would you give other young entrepreneurs?

I would say don’t think about the money, instead, find ways to add or create value. Once you find your value, just be consistent. The laws of the universe will handle the rest.

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