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Published on January 30th, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


Breaking: Corey ‘CMurder’ Miller Joins Inmates at Angola Prison on Hunger Strike over Deplorable Conditions

Breaking: Inmates at Angola Prison are on a Hunger strike and joining that hunger strike is Corey ‘CMurder’ Miller. According to his Publicist Tammy Ty Page, Corey ‘CMurder’ Miller has chosen to use his platform to voice dire conditions going on at Angola. Even though his release may suffer because of it, he can no longer keep quiet.

Corey ‘CMurder’ Miller

Miller recorded a statement from inside the walls of Angola Prison about the deplorable conditions, treatment of ill prisoners and more:

Here’s the official line from Corey Miller’s Representative

January 29, 2018, Corey ‘CMurder’ Miller began a hunger strike in hopes of shedding light on the conditions inside Angola Prison, Assistant Warden Barrett Boeker (Boeker was charged with raping a woman at his home on Angola prison property in late 2016 (Barrett Boeker is also one of the defendants named in a Federal lawsuit by the alleged victim Priscilla Lefebure), Warden Darrel Vannoy, The Department of Corrections and James LeBlanc The Secretary of DOC.

Every time, Miller is nearing release, Angola attempts to cut off communications with his family, his Publicist and delay providing the proper or wrong paperwork to his lawyers. This same practice has gone on throughout his entire case, the racism, the oppression, the neglect and the singling him out because of who he is and the message he can convey when released.

As many would know, Miller was convicted on false testimony, bought defendants, oppressed juror, no gun, no DNA and the only witness told the court that it was not Miller who did the shooting, but later changes her statement when her family was being harassed. Although, the actual person that fired the gun that night sits in prison in Georgia and has signed an affidavit with an audio confessing to a separate attorney who knew nothing of Miller’s case, stating that he not Miller is the one that is responsible for the killing and is not associated with Miller. The state of Louisiana was given the confession audio and affidavit from a lawyer in Georgia that the actual killer confessed to and the state authorities were not interested, according to Page.

*The Hype Magazine has been provided with an affidavit by juror G. Bazile dated December 6, 2014, who sat on panel for Miller’s murder trial. The former juror describes the tactics used in the jury room to gain a conviction against Miller. The affidavit will be part of our “Dark America” report coming during Black History Month.*

Reasons for the hunger strike at Angola prison are varied but quite substantial, ranging from visitor treatment, sanitation and water quality as well as proper medical treatment and care, according to insider descriptions:

Visitors who are law-abiding tax-payers who should not have to fear visitation day are subject to unethical, unauthorized strip searches of men, women, elderly and even young children. This has caused an immense amount of frustration and anger because there are guards up there that have open pending charges against them for sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. The proper protocol against this is to contact Warden Darrel Vannoy with any issues, who is never available no matter which format of communication you try. So, they are then told to file a report with The Department of Corrections, who also does nothing on the matter. James Leblanc, the Secretary of DOC, is never available to speak to and seems to always back the Wardens without proper research of the incident.

Last but not least, A.W. Boeker who was arrested on November 30, 2016, for second-degree rape charges still holds a high-ranking position at Angola Prison. Boeker has authority over hundreds of inmates, which is alarming. Boeker currently has internal charges against him from numerous inmates that are under investigation.

Miller is speaking out because now this harassment has started to affect family members that visit their loved ones and once this story comes out, the family members of other inmates will have the courage to come forward. Miller is hoping that this hunger strike will draw attention to the fact that there are worms that come out of the shower heads, human feces are spread across the floors, walls and coming through the water system and the lack of attention they give the sick.

Miller’s Publicist Tammy Ty Page knows that speaking out will cause more retaliation to her client. But she feels this could shed light on the conditions at Angola and perhaps help other inmates that do not have a platform to speak up or speak out for fear of retaliation to them.

“I have also reached out to a Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump and Jarrett Adams, another attorney very familiar with prison conditions,” says Page who continues, “At this point, I fear my client’s safety and well-being during this hunger strike, but something must be done.”

This is another “Dark America” Moment brought to you by the powers that be…don’t forget to VOTE!!! ~ JD







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