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Published on January 13th, 2018 | by Landon Buford


Giant Propeller CEO Chats With The Hype Magazine About Sprayground Luggage Campaign Collaberation

Giant Propeller is one of the most cutting-edge and forward-thinking digital marketing agencies around. With a client base that includes Nike, Orient Watch, L’oreal Paris, Lil Dicky, Oros Apparel, Nokia, Sprayground and more, Giant Propeller has proven time and again that there’s no creative challenge they’re not willing to tackle.

CEO and Co-Founder Jordan Freda leveraged his experience and success within the Visual Effects and commercial production world to launch Giant Propeller with Co-Founder, Mike Bodkin. The initial goal of the agency was to focus primarily on helping emerging brands and startups explode across digital platforms. Such brands have included Inkkas, Selk’bag, Breathometer, Juniper – but they now collaborate with global icons such as L’Oreal Paris, Nokia, and Timex.

Regardless of their clients’ size, Giant Propeller’s approach to launching brands both big and small remains the same: don’t just think outside the box, throw the box away entirely and have some fun. With every project they take on, Freda’s goal is to not only push industry boundaries but to boldly redefine the industry itself.

The Hype Magazine had the opportunity to speak with Jordan Freda about Giant Propeller’s recent collaboration with Sprayground on their new line of limited-edition luggage – from his personal favorite design to the creative process behind the trippy look and sound of their crazy campaign…

Can you tell us how Giant Propeller and Sprayground started working together?  

JF: I’ve been following Sprayground for a few years. It all started because one of our content creators/artists was rocking their Shark backpack. I really dug it so I started paying attention to what they were doing. With every product Sprayground dropped I became more and more excited about the brand, everything those guys create is sick, so one day I decided to send them an email and the founder, David Ben-David, responded by setting up a call. He basically said something like, “I normally don’t do this because I receive these types of emails all the time, but… I watched your content, researched your company, and it seems like you guys are smart and are on a cool creative wave.”

Following the call, I immediately flew out to New York with my co-founder Mike Bodkin to meet with David and his Director of Public Relations, Albert Ayal, in their office. We ended up having a super trippy conversation about what we could do with them as a team. The conversation was literally trippy for me because I took some THC tincture drops on the red-eye to help me sleep through my fear of flying, and for whatever reason, they kicked in with a 6-hour delay – the exact moment I walked into Sprayground’s office. I actually can’t work when spaced-out like that. I was super nervous and literally seeing double while the whole world around me was in slow-motion. But the moment I met David and Albert I fell in love with them and their energy. I somehow managed to feel comfortable enough to speak coherently and from my heart through the accidental haze I was in.

Lil Dicky – Pillow Talking feat. Brain (Official Music Video) from Giant Propeller on Vimeo.

From what I can remember, they loved our Lil Dicky “Pillow Talking” music video and some of the things we did with Nike and Stone Island. After talking about our visual effects abilities and establishing that we could basically make anything David’s imagination could dream up come to life, they told us about their brand new luggage collection and asked if we would pitch ideas and create the campaign, but they asked me to pitch on the spot… like right at the peak of me being uncomfortably lit! I responded by saying some like, “I would put your luggage in places that people haven’t seen before, like a person walking with the luggage up the side of a breaking ocean wave, or up the side of the Empire State Building, or in fucking outer space. Like little 20 second clips and photos we could put on IG and circulate on ad-networks.” These tripped-out visions would later come to life almost exactly as I pitched them, including David himself surfing a shark-infested tidal wave on the luggage. So I guess you could say our visions were aligned right off the bat.

Photo Credit – Jordan Freda

Typically, how long does it take Giant Propeller to plan for a campaign of this caliber?

JF: Since we’re working in the digital world, the campaign planning process went quickly. We had a week to present our ideas after our meeting, then another week to develop and collect all the materials that were needed to get the project approved. We had a total of two weeks to put this whole thing together, which is pretty ridiculous and considered impossible by most normal ad agencies. But to answer your question, we can get full content campaigns done rather quickly. That’s one of the things that makes us unique, we can rapidly create quality digital content – faster than others – and it’s because of the highly skilled talent that we employ with roots from the movie industry. I like to think we have some of the top design and creative talent in the world, and instead of holding them back like most places do and overwhelming them with protocols and process, we say: “Here’s the task, here’s the vision, now go do what you do as an artist and bring your best shit forward.” We try to let people do their legitimate thing and our creative directors like myself direct and sculpt when needed, but we don’t bog people down with red tape, we set them loose to do their best work.

Of the six pieces of Sprayground luggage in their new collection, which piece is your favorite and why?

JF: My favorite is the Embossed Shark carry-on, it’s the black-on-black luggage. I think it looks pretty bad-ass. I also really like the camo shark piece. I think it’s cool because the shark is Sprayground’s spirit animal and as David and Albert put it, you can literally walk your shark around the world with you. So from a creative branding point of view, that’s a dope concept. David knows what he’s doing, it’s all raw but meticulous genius.

Can you take us through the music selection process for the videos featured in the campaign?

JF: I was thinking about some of the artists that I enjoy listening to and how we could connect some of that energy and tone with our visuals. For example, the airplane commercial on the wing tip, I wanted to use a little electronica infused with something ambient. And if you hear inspiration from bands you recognize, it’s no mistake. I really like the band Tycho, and whenever I’m flying over beautiful landscapes, not freaking out about dying in a plane crash, I’m always listening to their music. With the cup of lean/sizzurp spot, I wanted to tap into the Travis Scott and Post Malone hype. To achieve this we worked with one of our musician partners – a super talented composer by the name of Marlon Travis Barrow – who started jamming it out in the studio. It all came together pretty fast, actually. That’s the beauty of when you collaborate with the right artists and let them do their thing.

Photo Credit – Jordan Freda

Sprayground is known for their exclusive backpack designs. Why do you feel they wanted to enter the luggage space in the travel market?

JF: Well I can’t speak for Sprayground obviously, but from my perspective travel and freedom is a huge value they communicate. So it seems natural for them to evolve by dropping luggage.  The way David designed this collection inside and out is really bold and fun. This luggage is incredibly high-quality.  It makes you want to travel just so you can use it.  Now I’m stoked for my next flight just so I can show off my shark.




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