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Live Session with Businesswoman, Make A Wish Angel and Songstress Rayo Cole

One of the great pleasures as a journalist is to share time with people who live with and act on the fact that the world is greater than them. Rayo Cole, serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, songstress and Make A Wish angel is all of that and more. It’s kinda strange to meet someone in the “industry” who truly gives more than they take and THIS brought me to track Rayo down for an interview. Ok I just lied, we connected via email as Rayo moved mountains on behalf of several very important projects, TEDx Crenshaw, an independent slice of the TED franchise and Make A Wish. Rayo’s personal crusade for Make A Wish and the children it serves was perhaps the biggest draw for me as a parent who’s lost a child although TEDx made a huge impression as well!

Funniest thing…I’ve never had to almost beg someone to send me their press assets so I could do an intelligent interview…can’t tell you if it was her genuine humility her insane schedule or a mixture of both that caused her to take almost 3 months to give me her bio and THAT’S not a lie LOL…but like your first house, it was worth the wait!

I refuse to recite to you biographical material it took her 3 months to give me because, she moves so darn fast, a bio written yesterday could possibly be outtdated…catch my drift?! Rayo’s talk to do ratio is at pretty much zero, meaning she’s always on the move, always ready to lend a hand and from my understanding, her celebrity driven custom wig line, and R&B recording career are taking her higher and higher which means busier and busier.

Tune in to a conversation with a Dynamic Black Woman whose career in and out of the entertainment industry, her love for the children of her community and drive to educate and connect those most often neglected or divided for one reason or another is off the charts…literally!

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Connect with Rayo Cole

Twitter: @RayoCole

IG: @RayoCole

Check out her globally lauded hair line (Essence, People, Vanity Fair…)

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