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Published on January 5th, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


The Hype Magazine ‘Headlines’ with ShayStar Ft. Grammer

The Hype Magazine’s talk maven ShayStar sat down with North Carolina Hip Hop head Grammer to discuss his fresh work and what’s on deck for 2018.

Who is Grammer?

Born and raised in a small rural town Scotland Neck, North Carolina is where the relationship between music and Grammer began. Music has been an influential part of Grammer’s life from day one. Grammer was raised by his Grand Mother who loved music, especially Blues music. On any given day, you could hear the sounds of Robert Johnson, BB King, John Lee Hooker and Etta James playing throughout the Morgan Family’s home. Grammer embraced this music called Blues from his Grand Mother’s generation and was determined at the age of twelve to become a rapper and incorporate the elements of this great music into his songs. Lyrical artistry and the ability to deliver a song with honesty and conviction were the key elements which inspired Grammer to incorporate Blues into Hip Hop music.

In North Carolina, Grammer went back to the books and school and did not skip a beat with his music. Once situated in Charlotte, Grammer began hitting the recording studio with local producers like Al Bond. Grammer and Al Bond he recorded the Underground hits like, “Ill Technique” and “I Spit the Real” in 1999. Grammer became the first artist to be featured on Al Bond’s compilation album on Mastermind records. For once in his life, Grammer felt he truly found the right ingredients of lyrical artistry, music, and elements of the Blues music incorporated to convey himself effectively with his new songs. In June 2004, Grammer completed his first underground mixtape “Street Heat Volume 1” hosted by world-renowned Boogie D and DJ Polo.

Tune in to the live conversation below!

Grammer was a regular fixture in North Carolina radio market appearing countless times on stations like Power 98 and Hot 92.7. That same year Grammer released his first independent album “Indecisive” which was so successful it launched him to open up for artist 50 Cent, T.I, Destiny Childs, Young Jeezy, Fat Joe, and Ciara.

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