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Published on February 9th, 2018 | by Darren Paltrowitz


A Look At Alexander, The Trendmaking Watchmaker

Dubbed “fine watches for extraordinary lives,” the watches of Alexander are both elegant and artist-friendly. Engineered in Biel yet designed in Brooklyn, the brand is affiliated with a mix of top-notch influencers, including figures from Golden Age hip-hop, fine contemporary art, auto racing, and Olympic athletics. The watches themselves are known for impeccable timekeeping and elegant details — like guilloche and calfskin — while also offering tricked-out watch features.

To learn more about the Alexander brand, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel Moran, who oversees the company’s marketing, online content, and social media. As noted by Ms. Moran within our Q&A for The Hype Magazine, Alexander is a must-follow on Instagram. Social media aside, more on Alexander and its watches can be found online at www.alexanderwatch.com. And for those on the fence about ordering, as a special offer code for Hype readers, enter “DARREN18” (or “HYPE18”) when checking out on the Alexander site for 30% off any watch, now until December 31, 2018.

To you, what separates an Alexander watch from another Swiss-engineered piece?

Rachel Moran: Anyone with the cash can floss with an iced-out Rollie or an Audemars, but when everyone is rapping about one, who cares? Get one if you really want it, but then move on with your life and your creativity. Rock your own s**t.

An Alexander features fine, classical watchmaking, which is the hallmark of Swiss-made watches — like Rolex or Audemars — but we don’t play when it comes to the details. Iconic style can become #basic fast. An Alexander just stays iconic.

We have a watch, Nikos, with a colossal 47mm bezel in ocean blue on black. Every rapper I’ve ever met loves that watch, because it’s finely-made, but it’s rugged AF. We have delicate, engine-turned ripples carved into watch dials. Proscenium arches on the tangs of our buckles. An archer’s bow logo on the crown.

These details aren’t meant for everyone. Not everyone has that finesse. And that’s OK with us. We know that first Rolex is an achievement. We just don’t think it’s the end goal.

Alexander is partnering with legacy influencers from Golden Age hip-hop, Olympic athletics, auto racing, and the fine contemporary art scenes. Who was the first influencer that the brand had partnered with?

Rachel Moran: I don’t really remember who was first in time. Follow our Instagram to stay up-to-date with our influencers. We’ll be revealing new ones all the time this year. IG is where we reveal big things like our upcoming premiere episode of Studio Legends on YouTube. We get live and open in private studio spaces with rap legends of the Golden Era.

Our first Studio Legends sesh was with Erick Sermon. E is an incredible presence in the rap game and in person. He talks about innovation, longevity, craft, and creativity. Plus, he looks fresh to death in an Alexander. We’re sponsoring Olympian archer Brady Ellison this year, too. He’s a three-time Olympian with two silver medals.

Do you have a favorite of the Alexander pieces?

Rachel Moran: The automatic chronograph Olyn with the peach bezel is our dopest watch for Spring 2018. It runs on the Valjoux 7750, which is the same chronograph watch movement that TAG Heuer made popular. Automatic or mechanical watches are delicate instruments, but the Valjoux 7750 is a workhorse movement. You can keep it real with this watch, take it to work or the gym, and then out to clubs at night.

Olyn is a chronograph, too. That means it has an old-school stopwatch built into it. Chronographs consistently tend to increase in value with time, so Olyn is an investment watch if you want a legacy piece at an entry-level collector price. The peach bezel is no joke. Rose gold has been on top for so long, but this golden-peach updates that style with a lighter feel for spring and summer.

The #AlexanderLife hashtag is seen throughout your company’s website. What exactly does that life entail?

Rachel Moran: #AlexanderLife is about creating your own legacy. We’re risk-takers who aren’t afraid of fire. We pursue greatness at all times.

What is coming up for Alexander this year? Any upcoming events or tie-ins you can talk about?

Rachel Moran: We’re making major moves in 2018. If you’re local to New York City, we’ll be sure to invite you to parties, events, and insider fun we think you’d enjoy with us. Just keep in touch and we will, too.

When not busy with Alexander, how do you like to spend your free time?

Rachel Moran: Meditating on world peace and abundance for all creatures.

Finally, Rachel, any last words for the kids?

Rachel Moran: Find opportunities, correct errors, invest, rebel, question, nourish your body with organic greens, experiment with style, to thine own self be true, act loyal, take the risk, ground down, rise up, dress to impress, don’t s**t where you eat, speak your truth, travel, push boundaries, refuse authoritarianism, protect ya neck, f**k tha police, honor your ancestors, plant trees, build strong, breathe from the abdomen, open the third eye, stay woke, choose excellence, #collectwhatyoulove.

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