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Published on February 3rd, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Gifted Gab & Blimes Brixton are Breaking the Internet with ‘Come Correct’

So it’s 2018 and we can’t deny that we are in a time of Cardi B’s, and Kash Doll’s. It’s rare to see female artist who do not use their sexuality as a way to gain some form of attention. Now I’m not mad at Cardi B, she’s having one hell of a run right now and i absolutely adore her. But it feels good to see females who are serious about their music and actually grabbing our attention by spitting bars over a pretty dope beat. If you’re not familiar with Gifted Gab and Blimes Brixton, let me introduce ya’ll to two female rappers who have come together to create one head turning track, that labels them as “Up Next”. The track itself was released in October 2017 but its beginning to gain some popularity and I guarantee 2018 will be a good year for them both. The west coast rappers have been rapping for quite some time and I’m a little disappointed in myself to say “I’ve been sleep”. Hell Blimes Brixton use to be a battle rapper formerly known as “Oh Blimey”, and Gifted Gab has been doing this since as far back as 2012.

I was super intrigued and impressed that they both have a great amount of confidence and come across as some boss ass females. Looking at them both, you wouldn’t dare mess with them, and I bet they will eat some of these new rappers alive.

Back to the music, their track “Come Correct”, isn’t much of a radio hit, but I think it’s a way of letting people know who they are and they are not here to play. The track is all of 2 minutes and 16 seconds with no hook or chorus. The track is so short, but these ladies found a way to incorporate each other without overpowering one another. The call and response within the track shows the amount of respect they have for each other. Now, no lie, it took me a minute to figure out who is who without watching the visual but when you figure it out and can hear the difference between the two rappers, instantly the track feels different.

Blimes Brixton starts the track off with a slow flow to the melodic hip-hop beat and then throws it to Gifted Gab. Once Gifted Gab comes on, this is where we hear that she’s not here to play with lyrics like

“Some might call me hazardous. Not too many that can handle this, I’m a hip-hop analyst, Let me channel my inner animal, I’m a cannibal, Like Hannibal, when I spit it, baby, its flammable”, show that they are about this Hip-Hop life and will eat you alive. As soon as Gifted Gab is done, here comes Blimes Brixton behind her with, “I can take it if you gone dish it, I can break your bitch and give her back, just on some pimp shit, We gone run up, I might hit you with a brick quick. Plus you know I’m with my sister Gab and you know she gifted, click click”. This alone is letting you know that whatever ya’ll want to throw at Blimes she can handle it.

Hearing these two rappers gets me excited because they are showing us that real hip-hop still lives in the feminine space. Overall, this track has girl power written all over it, from the beat, to the flow, to the respect for one another, to the HBIC mentality throughout. This was a great first track to grab our attention, now I’m forced go back to their previous projects to catch up on the Gifted Gab and Blimes Brixton train.  As Blimes Brixton ends the track with “We don’t watch what you do, its no syndication”—know that they not paying attention to what’s happening in the gimmick world of hip-hop. Take note that these two are the ones that need to be watched. 

Check out the video below: 

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