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Osric Chau On Upcoming Projects & His New App Via Escapex

A Canadian actor and martial artist who first became known for playing Kevin Tran on the CW series Supernatural, Osric Chau is recognizable to millions of people around the world. Originally a stuntman before landing his role on Supernatural, Chau made his feature film debut with 2012. Most recently, Chau has been seen as Vogel on Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency on BBC America

Rather than waiting around for his next role so his fans can see him, Chau directly engages with his fanbase through his new app. Made in partnership with Escapex — which has built and launched over 100 celebrity apps — the Osric Chau Official App is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Users can not only communicate directly with Chau, but they also have access to video clips, photographs, contests, behind-the-scenes live streams, and other exclusive Chau-related content.

To learn more about Chau, his app and what inspired him to launch a direct-to-fan platform, I interviewed him on behalf of Hype. Chau can be followed on Twitter via @OsricChau.

Where did the idea for your own app come from? Was it pitched by Escapex?

Osric Chau: I took a trip to Japan last year to hang out with some friends who were there visiting as well, but I had the last four days to myself, so I signed up for a bunch of random tourist activities. One of them was a Tokyo nightlife experience and it was just me and another girl who had signed up. We got to talking a lot and it turned out that she worked for this company that represented celebrities and influencers in Asia. She ended up telling me all about Escapex, this company that she’d worked with and basically pitched me the idea there and then. When I got back to L.A., she introduced me to the company who gave me more details and it just made sense for me so here we are.

How would you describe the app to someone who hasn’t used it yet?

Osric Chau: It’s basically a social media platform that revolves around me. So not only do I interact with fans on the app, but it’s easy for them to interact with each other as well.

Is there a business model behind the app? Or is it simply not about the cash?

Osric Chau: Escapex took the burden of building the app and they will continue to maintain and update it regularly. To recoup their costs there’s a subscription portion of the app and there’s a currency available for purchase that you can use to boost your posts for more visibility. I don’t want the company to lose money partnering with me, but most of my content will be free and available to anyone that has the app, so you definitely don’t need to buy any of the currency to have an enjoyable experience on the app.

For those that do want access to exclusive content, I’ll be planning to post the things that I normally keep closer to me. Things that I’m uncertain of, like performing anything musical, new things that I’m trying and experimenting with, like stand-up comedy. Basically anything that scares me. Those inner thoughts that you normally keep to yourself and even your close friends have to pry out of you, I’ll be sharing those posts with the people who subscribe.

App aside, what are you currently working on? Any upcoming projects you can talk about?

Osric Chau: Well thankfully for me, the company did all the work on the app! I’m just using it like everyone else and sharing the projects that I’m working on. This weekend I’m doing a fan film for one of my favorite anime series. I’m also writing and developing several feature films with some friends, and hopefully this year I’ll have produced my first one.

Is there a career accomplishment you are most proud of?

Osric Chau: Just the fact that I’m able to fully pursue my whims and passions is such an incredible feeling for me. I mean, there isn’t ever a time where I don’t wish that I had more resources or more time, but at the end of the day, I remind myself that I have the creative ability to work within my own means and that is very fulfilling.

When not busy with your career, how do you like to spend your free time?

Osric Chau: My free time also revolves around my career. I suppose you could say I’m very career-orientated. I learn, I write, I travel, I play games. But all of that I can tie back into each other and to my career. If you wanna take something for face value, I play games. But then I started writing a script about that game to justify that habit!

What was your favorite movie of 2017?

Osric Chau: Favorites is such a hard thing for me to place for anything. But right now if I had to give you an answer, it’d be Get Out. Not just for the film, but the audience’s reactions at the theater.

Finally, Osric, any last words for the kids?

Osric Chau: If there’s something you really want to do, don’t wait for tomorrow to start it. Figure out what you can do today. If nothing else, research it online and read about it. Knowing what you want in life at an early age is like having a superpower. Starting to practice that thing at an early age is learning how to wield and apply that superpower. So find your superpower and use it responsibly.

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