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Published on February 21st, 2018 | by SaintMichael


The Black Panther VS. The 24 Elders of Real African History!

As descendants of Africa, we all should appreciate a great story! Especially the ones who serve to empower our mind’s creative nature such as Marvel‘s latest release of “The Black Panther“. I’m in full support of this psychological treat for the global African family and plan to see it in a matter of hours. Now with all ‘The Hype’ about the made up “Black Panther” character that’s in the air, I’m reminded of Africa’s real traditions about our long lived majestic ancestors who left us actual artifacts to ‘marvel’ over and their longer-lived leaders, the 24 Elders.

Among the most exalted figures in the bible are the mention of 24 Elders in the book of Revelations, written during the first century AD. However, over a thousand years earlier we find a sacred site in Egypt known as the Serapeum of Saqqara where we find 24 very sacred artifacts. ‘Mystery  Stone Boxes’ weighing over 100 tons! This site was favored by Pharaoh Ramses II‘s son, Prince Khaemwaset. He was a High Priest that dedicated his focus to restoring the original order of his ancestors. During his time period, 1303 – 1213 BCE, the ancient ways had been neglected for a long time. His passion to honor his ancestors of the beginning times led him to working at the Serapeum of Saqqara, where the 24 stone boxes are located. Even to this date, modern academia has provided no explanation for these artifacts. Naturally, in the absence of explanation from western scientists, logic and the benefit of assumption favors Africa’s traditions of the 24 Elders in connection to these 24 artifacts.

These traditions makes Black Panther look like the ‘baby panther’. According to African wisdom, the 24 Elders are custodians of ‘God’s mind’, containing all universal knowledge & wisdom. This matches the Bible where they’re described as “Surrounding the Throne of God” in Revelations 4:4. This indicates their reputation was so great it survived though many ages. However, the African wisdom is very clear that the 24 Elders are real people, living and breathing with us today. Since the 24 Elders are only mentioned a few times in the bible, there is not enough information for modern Christianity to provide a solid position concerning the 24 Elders. Most pastors will say they are symbolic of the church after the rapture, but the more studied pastors will say they existed long before the rapture because they are alluded to in the old testament. Personally to me, the African traditions makes most sense.

In Hebrews 8:5, God instructs Moses to design the earthly tabernacle according to the heavenly tabernacle (on earth as in heaven). Interestingly, 1 Chronicles 24 shows the Israelites creating their priesthood with 24 priests, reflecting the setup of “Heaven”. This is evidence that the 24 elders were there long before the end times of John’s Vision. And again, the African wisdom states that ‘heaven’ is in the guardianship of the 24 Elders. The beloved Elders are the true pride and joy of black history. They’re 12 Gods, who are really one, but appear as 24. They’ve been alive since ancients times and used to walk with us openly before suspending their guidance to make way for the new races to build the duality society we live in today. Although we suffered tremendously without the security of the 24 Elders as a crutch, the purpose of the 24 Elders allowing this to happen was to observe the universal law of balance and for us to learn a lesson about the dangers of forgetting. Forgetting the original ways of the nation, the original education/curriculum (rituals) and most important our original identities.

One of the most respected ancient historians such as the Egyptian Priest, Manetho wrote about the times of the 24 Elders. That specific work of his is used by all academic institutions around the world for chronology of Egypt’s Kings. Naturally, white supremacy leaves out the section where he mentions our ancestral Kings/Queens who lived for thousands of years, however; the youth of today must know the truth of these beginning times because the sages of Africa indicate the 24 Elders are preparing to intervene in Global Affairs to shift the world in favor of world peace and reunion with the Black Race. So if we allow Africa to tell her ‘own story’, there are some real life Black Panthers out here so be sure to support them and their causes just as much as we supported this Marvel Release!

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