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Published on February 21st, 2018 | by SaintMichael


This Black Tribe Destroyed All Slave Traders!

Occasionally, intellectual conversations that lead to global economic empowerment and eternal wealth for Black People gets interrupted by someone saying, “Africans sold us into slavery!”. Not only is this an alternative fact, its  also dangerous to the black mentality and has an adverse affect on the liberation agenda established by all historical leaders who earned the respect of black people to this day. The time has come to disarm this wisdom-deficient ‘blanket statement’ using two quick points.

No one should be taken seriously who holds all African tribes accountable for the history of other tribes not even related to them. There are thousands of tribes and clans in Africa who each have their own identity, history and traditions. Some tribal traditions in Africa have been extremely hostile towards the concept of slavery since the very beginning such as the traditions of the Gikuyu Tribe of Kenya.

Before the modern age of Presidents and Prime Ministers, the Gikuyu People were traditionally led by Priests (In Gikuyu language ‘Ago’) and Seers (‘Arathi’). The Tribal protocols of respect for Peace, humanity, nature and God which was set forth by the Kikuyu ancestors (Who identified with the word ‘Kabiru’) did not allow for the tribe to tolerate the idea of slavery from the Europeans slave traders or the Arabs who ventured into their lands with the same mission long before the Europeans.

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