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Published on March 24th, 2018 | by David Morales


Become the best version of yourself

Are you tired? It is probably because you’re not getting a good night’s sleep. It is super important to treat yourself right and that means eating good, exercise, and sleeping well. There are many factors that can contribute to poor sleep. Stress, an unstable sleep schedule, and exposure to blue light are just a few things that can cause sleepless nights. But what about your mattress? Having a good mattress can help you get those eight hours and Mattress Firm can help. New research suggests that 64.4 percent of people experience improved sleep quality after switching to a new mattress. Check out how Mattress Firm can help you attain the sleep you need by providing an affordable new mattress for just $9 a month.

Lance, many of us are so busy that we’re constantly exhausted.  How can we break that vicious cycle?

Well it is a vicious cycle isn’t it. I mean we’re stressed out from work and everything else and then whatever you’ve got going on in life maybe it’s a relationship issue, you take that all to bed. What do you do? You wake up the next day still stressed and probably because you didn’t have a good night’s rest. So, it’s all about breaking the cycle and I think that it all begins with what you sleep on, your mattress. You got to invest in yourself. I’ve got a new baby at home, so I know exactly what a good night’s rest is worth. It is about looking at what you’re sleeping on, looking what you’re dealing with and looking at how you wake up every morning. Maybe you need to look into your mattress and that’s why Mattress Firm has got this big deal going on. They’re trying to get people into brand new mattresses, because I don’t think people realize enough that all you invest in to better your life. Be it your house, your car, maybe even a nice wardrobe. People don’t think about investing necessarily in a mattress, but it’s to better your life.

 Getting a good night’s sleep sounds so simple, but for some of us it can be difficult.  How can we improve our sleep sta

Well there’s lots of things you can do to improve your sleep stats! At the end of every night unplug. We tell our kids to do that all the time. Get off the screen. But you should do that too! As adults, televisions, computer screens, and phones emit blue light that keeps your brain very active. So, try to shut that down an hour before you fall asleep. I sound like my parents. They would say read a book, but shutting down the screens, which is something that you know we’re all accustomed to these days. We’re just constantly surrounded by these things and they are keeping us awake. So, invest in a good mattress, put the screens down an hour before you go to bed, and then give yourself a really good night’s rest like doctor’s orders. Get that eight hours!

What else can we do to de-stress and treat ourselves a bit?

Mattress Firm right now is all about treat yourself. They’re having the social media hashtag #treatyo’self, so aside from getting that you want to go to the spa, you want to exercise, you have to take care of yourself first before you can take care of those in our lives. Maybe have kids or a spouse significant other or you just need to be really on top of your game at work. Take care of yourself first. So yes, I’m all about a spa day but then log on to and take advantage of the big deal. Never before is something like this been offered. Basically, for a minimum of $625 a credit card opened at Mattress Firm, they will stretch those payments out zero interest for 72 months. So, for $9 a month, we’re talking getting a brand-new mattress. I mean that’s cheaper than what you spend on coffee. All month $9 a month, get that brand new mattress and you can assure yourself that you’re going to go to bed and wake up rested and you know like I said, invest in yourself and have a better day tomorrow.

Finally, where can we go for more information?

Make sure you go to, there’s all sorts of stuff going on there!


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