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Published on March 25th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Real Love is Complicated: Check Out Wale & Jacquees’s New Single ‘Black Bonnie’

Wale dropped a gem last week in the form of an EP called It’s Complicated. WOW. One thing I have always respected about Wale is the way he pours his heart out on a lot of topics, especially the topic of love and matters of the heart. In the 4-track project, a song stood out to me that I wanted to highlight this week. The intro to the album is great and foreshadows how the album rides, but the song that I want to shed light on is Black Bonnie ft Jacquees. I must admit, I like Jacquees’ style on this (and a few other songs I have heard for the sheer fact that he gives me this early 2000s R&B feel). The dude is talented, and apparently Wale feels the same way. Here’s a few bars from Wale as he personifies HIS Black Bonnie through his lyrics:

Please tell me I got you, that’s all for intuition

She tell me I got you, I trust her intuition

And I promise to God I follow her intuition so

I tell her I got her with Prada and tuition, hold up

Wale takes the tag team approach with Black Bonnie. He really breaks down [the components of] a relationship [and defines it] as loving one another but as a shared experienced. He takes the idea of escaping the world as we know it and wraps himself in the unconditional love of a black woman. Us against the world. The theme of this song just paints the picture of movies that you watch often.The song reminds me of some of the old movies that I grew up on like Baby Boy in which the whole motif was centered around chaos and destruction masked by being “crazy in love.” Black Bonnie is your partner in crime, your friend, your confidant, your lover… everything you want her to be and more. Mix Wale’s heartfelt ride or die (references or imagery) along with Jacquees smooth hook, and it’s a recipe for a great track. Listen to this song and more on Wale’s latest EP, It’s Complicated.

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