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Published on March 14th, 2018 | by Landon Buford


Vee Hendrixx: A Legacy of Unpredictability Begins

The female rap artist is both an enigma and an archetype. We think we know what to expect, but there simply isn’t a diverse and large enough range of examples to reference. It’s almost as if the culture doesn’t allow for more than one female artist to top the charts at a time. However, rising star, Vee Hendrixx, is here to change your perspective on what it means to be a female rapper and, more importantly, the rap game as a whole. So, who is Vee Hendrixx?

This St. Louis lyricist might not want you to know. When asked about what sets her apart from other artists, Hendrixx asserted, “Mainly my lyrics, my wave. I could say the same stuff in songs, but a different way, and you would never even know. You would think that I’m speaking a different message, but really I could be saying the same stuff as my last five songs, and you would never even know.”

Constantly keeping her audience on her toes, Vee Hendrixx is confident in her lyrical talent and advocates that music is a way to “relieve what you’ve got the holding in”. A day in the life of this noteworthy artist definitely fits that description. “I can make a song about anything in real life,” Hendrixx prides. “I listen to beats and different artists, so I can catch different waves to ride for a while before I switch over to something else. I even make my songs by bullet points sometimes…I jot down some stuff, come up with ideas–that’s what my day consists of. I’ll be knocked out in the morning, so I don’t get up until like 11 AM some days. We [Hendrixx and her unique label, Yenum] can stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning if we’re really on it…We can’t stop until we’re done.”

In fact, Vee Hendrixx believes that her message and drive exceeds the opportunities available in St. Louis. The rapper, not interested in an entourage, guns, and trapping refuses to be “stuck in that one box.” Instead, she’s focused on cultivating her legacy elsewhere. And an unexpected inspiration? Her son. “[My legacy] is to make sure that he’s always good, that every album I put out goes platinum…to make sure that I can feed him….forever.” Vee Hendrixx aims for superstardom, “the Hall of Fame kind”, citing Nas, Biggie, and Tupac as iconic artists who left strong legacies on the basis of the messages they came out with. And, like her predecessors, she hopes to give back. “I want to…put people on, sign underground artists that don’t get recognition,” she insisted. “I want to be big enough so they can be big. I just want an empire to grow.”

At only 20 years old, her rare and ambitious nature is what’s gotten her where she is now and is what she hopes will catapult her to fame in the future. Hendrixx believes strongly in her brand, Yenum, which consists of only her manager, assistant, and a couple of other artists, most notably 9Murdaa. “I want people who’ve never heard of me to think about being somebody named Vee Hendrixx,” she reflected. “I want them to be able to adapt to what I’m trying to do, to want to join what I’m doing.” And what is that? Simply put, a legacy of unpredictability. “I want to bring so much to the table that you could never figure out what’s next,” said Hendrixx seriously. “Ever.”

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By Zain-Minkah Murdock

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