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Published on April 23rd, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


Arica Queen – Mr Gimmie

Arica Queen rides waves of success into super-stardom with
the launch of new single ‘Mr. Gimmie’

When your parents give you a name like Arica Queen, it’s almost destiny that you become a famous artist. And super-stardom is exactly what Norfolk, Virginia rapper/songwriter Arica Queen is hoping to fulfill with her new single “Mr. Gimmie.”

Queen has been a professional musician for more than a decade. What started with freestyle raps during her lunch hours at school grew to professional recording contracts, music videos and live shows. She’s written music for other musicians as well and eventually found herself pigeonholed into the role of songwriter within the music industry. And while that’s a good living, it’s not the end goal of her dreams. The ultimate measure of success would be to become a dominant female legend in the world, known for her unique sound, style and voice.

The first song she ever recorded was a song called “The Virginia Riot,” which feature Don Ferquan. It gained her attention in the industry and led to more recordings with multi-platinum producer DJ LES. She would go on to open for Lil Dirk and Jadakiss, among others. Another song, “Lost My Mind,” gave her the opportunity to collaborate with Diamond from Crime Mob. And then in 2016 she released her biggest single to date, “One More Drink,” which had thousands of plays on her sharing platforms.

Now with “Mr Gimmie” she’s ready to take that momentum and ride it into even greater success. It’s a song about a guy who gives a girl whatever she wants, and it’s delivered in an upbeat way with a mixture of hip-hop and pop. It’s a song that she said will definitely be a club banger and one that she hopes will lead to a lot of radio play.

“It’s a song that shows off my creativity,” she said. “My sound is urban hip-hop with pop and some guitar work that sounds a little like rock and roll. Mostly it’s fun and it’s relatable. And that’s what I want from my music – having a good time. We all have downs that we go through, and I’m not against doing those kinds of songs, but I want to have good, positive music overall. When people hear my music coming on they know that they can be ready to party and have a good time.”

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