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Published on April 1st, 2018 | by Dr. Jerry Doby


Breaking: Rapper C-Murder Relocated to Transition Facility

C-Murder and Mac Hunt Prison

C-Murder and No Limit Label Mate Mac Re-Unite March 29, 2018, (Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (EHCC)

Corey “C-Murder” Miller touches down at a transitional facility of the Louisiana prison system; could it be a sign of a great 2018 for the entertainer?

According to Corey Miller aka C-Murder’s Publicist ‘Tammy Ty Page, Miller has been safely transferred from Angola Prison to Hunt Prison in Louisiana, the same facility which houses McKinley “Mac” Phipps, another artist from Master P‘s No Limit Records. Prison insiders indicate this move to the Hunt facility signals C-Murder getting closer to a better life, ‘most inmates transferred there are usually done so because of their transition to freedom’ stated one prisoner from Angola who spoke with a TRU Team member, during the transfer of C-Murder to Hunt Prison.

Miller’s case elevated to the highest halls in our system when in April 2016, his TRU Team sent President Barack Obama a copy of his latest CD, Penitentiary Chances highlighting the single ‘Dear Supreme Court’. C-Murder has always stated he was innocent of all charges and to this day maintains his innocence; perhaps we are seeing signs of the system moving in a positive direction for Miller’s future.

According to sources close to the case, the REAL killer recorded a confession to the murder of which Miller was convicted in the presence of his own legal counsel and this confession had been offered up to the authorities in Louisiana on multiple occasions but fell on deaf ears for quite some time apparently. Word has it that the confession COMPLETELY EXONORATES Miller in conjunction with the crime. Now that news of the reported confession has been circulated through the legal system and some media outlets, perhaps we are seeing an early manifestation of Lady Justice taking off her blindfold!!!

To be clear, there is no DEFINITIVE declaration of a release date for Miller at this time. Circumstances, as they are playing out over the long term, are presenting more hope, however, that an injustice is about to be rectified…better late than never!

Followers of the case will recall that Miller was sentenced to life in prison, with what amounted to no conclusive evidence according to previous stories. Statements on his conviction include one from a juror in the case who provided a thirteen-page hand-written affidavit describing the bullying and coercive tactics used in the deliberation room to obtain the guilty verdict, which landed Miller his life sentence. Miller’s team provided The Hype Magazine with a full copy of the juror’s affidavit:


With all of the reported legal Fluckery surrounding the handling of Miller during his incarceration, including losing or misplacing legal paperwork in the Louisiana court and penal system, his transfer from one facility to another caused some trepidation within the TRU Bossalinie camp. It turned out that the angst was not without warrant. C-Murder’s Publicist stated, ‘things were touch and go this past Wed during the transport because, at one point, Angola and Hunt did not have Corey ‘C-Murder’ Miller in the system and Hunt appeared to know nothing about the transfer. She was relieved when she was finally able to verify his safe arrival to Hunt.

The TRU Bossalinie Team (James Parker) has verified that C-Murder, made it safely to Hunt by Thursday, March 29, 2018, and is in good health after being in the Angola Prison solitary confinement wing during his hunger strike back in late January. Master P and Silkk The Shocker visited him in Feb to check on his well-being and to see what was taking so long to transition him out.


Miller’s inner circle’s social media has been abuzz letting fans and friends know that he’d made it safely and connected with No Limit labelmate Mac on the yard at Hunt.

Mac and C-Murder (Photo: TRU Bossalinie)

Mac and C-Murder

Statements from cuttboy_g_dinero (IG) and @2mekadiaz (IG) with #WMNG/TRU Label: C-Murder and Mac been chopping it up and doing well, elaborating on the future and Cee’s upcoming possibilities.

Mac and C-Murder

Mac and C-Murder (tp)

Celebrity and popular support for C-Murder have not waned throughout his trials and tribulations. A few Hip Hop Royals and fans sent video support and well wishes during the hunger strike over the conditions of Angola which Miller participated in.


This article combines official statements provided by Miller’s team for editorial use with additional editorial and editing by Jerry Doby of The Hype Magazine.

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