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Published on April 15th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Piif Jones Keeps NY Grimmey on New Single ‘Enemies’

The birthplace of hip hop is getting back to the basics while putting their own spin on things.New York is the mecca and in 2018 the feel is still there but with a twist. Recently we spoke to our media friend Aria J. and talked all things hip hop and she mentioned an artist named Piif Jones. Like always we did our due diligence and ended up bumpin’ his entire project Best of Piif Pt 1. Piif recently just got off tour with another NY native, Dave East. The two went from city to city on East’s Paranoia 2 tour run and I can see where the connection comes from.

I found myself gravitating towards a song Piif has called Enemies. It’s the classic narrative of people in life that don’t want to see you succeed. What I can appreciate about Piif is that even with that new twist of NYC that he exemplifies, the foundation is still there. One thing I find sometimes in todays rappers is the lack of spatiality. Not as many rappers rep where they’re from because things are so universal these days.

In the visual of Enemies, you immediately get that NYC spatiality feeling. Piif Jones is accompanied by fellow rapper Paparattzi Pop on this track that is set in front of a huge housing building in NY with their homies, visually letting you know where they come from. Dim lit hallways and stairwells is what I think about when I think of Queens Bridge, thanks to Nas, this video had just that. Raw live and rugged. The track comes in strong and is short but gets the point across. It bangs! Don’t sleep on this artist. Check out the video and the mixtape below.



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