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Published on April 18th, 2018 | by Jason Bourne


Rhyme Report: The Cause. “Another Chapter”.

Inspired by the Outkast classic Aquemini, NJ Rapper The Cause was inspired to go harder asking producer  Datamo$h to sample the classic, later recording his own track titled Another Chapter. Mixed by Shy Boogs of So Amazin’ Studios, a medley of simplistic snares, low base with of course the cadence of his flow was created. touching on a multitude of things, Cause drops gems on life experiences which he describes as “returning from the dead”.   The single itself is off his upcoming EP, Release Party which features artists like Fuzz Rico, and DoItAll of the legendary Lords Of The Underground. Check it out below.


Check out the Cause Real Point Podvast where he speaks on the Another Chapter, and forthcoming Release Party project.



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