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Trae Tha Truth Latest Album Hometown Hero

Welcome 2 Houston. More populated than the city of Chicago located 250 miles up I-
10, H-Town is a South Texas, metropolis. There the Texas sound blossomed in 1996
behind rap artist, The Geto Boys, UGK, and DJ Screw. J. Prince the “Don” of Houston
rap, CEO of Rap-A- Lot records has been a staple in the Southern Rap scene since the
80’s. He governs the structure of rap with an iron fist. Paul Wall was quoted in 2015,
as saying the rap scene in his city, “has never been healthier,” speaking on the current
state of Houston rap.  This tape Hometown Hero remains true to Texas.

In the 90’s everybody in Texas owned screw mix-tapes. Cassettes with Texas signature sound
orated by DJ Screw. DJ Screw brought us 3’6 in da Morning with classics like “Swang
and Bang,” and Lil Keke’s “Pimp my Pen.” This sound developed into a global
phenomenon. Now we see rappers from the Dirty South to New York using Chopped &
Screwed breaks. The drank infused raps of today would be nothing without Texas
pioneers, and Trae never fails to pay homage to his city. The original Screw chopped
on 4’s and 16’s within a track. We see different variations from Houston DJ’s like
Michael “5000” Watts of Swisha House Records and more recently beast coast
producers such as SpaceGhostPurp who solidified Asap Rocky’s sound. Screw music
is a slowed up tempo or bpm. The basis of groups like the Screwed up Click, A.B.N.,
and Guerilla Maab all of which Trae was an original member.

Trae tha Truth resurfaced as a member of T.I.’s, Grand Hustle. As an originator Trae
has been a staple in Texas music since his debut on Z-Ro’s track, “Look What You Did
to Me” in 1998. His latest efforts include album, “The Truth,” featuring single “I’m On.”  Trae tha Truth as a community activist restored order in post Flood Relief in Houston.  Most recently he was asked to perform at the first Houston Rockets Playoffs game in a big way. Trae emerged as an artist affiliated to Z-ro the Mo City Don.  Cementing himself in the late90’s and early 2000’s.  He remains relevant as an leader in the greater Houston Area.

In the current era the aesthetic of Screwston rap has been duplicated by artist like
Drake and Asap Mob. Although a lot of it is experimental rap from the East Coast artist,
the traditions within Texas rap remain popular. Slabs, Wood-Grain Wheels, Candy
Paint, Vogues, and Drank all remixed to be chopped not slopped. The new life of the
underground scene lies in veteran producer turned rapper, Cory Mo, and lyricist like
Propain and Doughbeezy. As a certified microphone fiend, Trae still has the
ability to crush the beat. The influx of the elemental content brings the classic Texas
rap genre, a new life. A plethora of artist rhyme circa ’96 or ’97 with a deep respect for
O.G. Pimp C, example Le$ or Maxo Kream. The refreshing rhyme scheme and
southern cadence of an authentic Houston rapper are rare. Rap assimilates, merging
one coast with the next. The 3 rd Coast, Texas, has set rap trends for decades.

Trae shows us that fire that sparks the longevity of Houston rappers. Not to mention the lost art of
freestyling. This is an authentic screw tape in 2018.  Trae Tha Truth is an Certified Hometown Hero.



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