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Published on April 29th, 2018 | by Sneakerwire Harris


Wiz Khalifa Kush and Orange Juice: Summer Essentials

Wiz Khalifa is set to perform Kush & Orange Juice for the first time this summer. The performance is placed on July 1st in London, UK, London Roundhouse

Wiz Khalifa’ (@wizkhalifa) Kush and Orange Juice resurfaced last year on it’s seventh year anniversary.  A 20-track LP, Khalifa solidified as his first mix-tape, and made a name for himself via the Midwest scene. Straight out of Pittsburgh, PA.  His named originated as a mixture of the Arabic word text for Successor, and a breakdown of “wisdom”.   Followed by the hit single, “Black & Yellow”, established Khalifa as an independent rapper.

In Review of the Album, the cover art has influences from David Ruffins’ album, Gentlemen Ruffin from 1980- as an adaptation.  Guest Producers include Big Krit (@BigKrit), and The Watcherz, and Kajmear Royale (@KajmearBeats).   His baselines register in multiple facets.  Fast cars, ganja, and mellow tempos complete the album for your good times or feel-good festivities. The liquor laced, stoner flows of the track list give the listener good vibes. The ambience is drug-induced euphoria, and anyone willing to ride the wave will appreciate Taylor Gang’s collective style. Taylor Gang is an independent group, better known as Wiz Khalifa’ crew of artists. Khalifa as an artist is dynamically represented, aside the parameters of the albums creativity, which are off the meter. Wiz Khalifa debuted, Kush and Orange Juice in 2010, it’s a new era classic.

The production meshes nicely as the tempo varies from relaxed to hyphy.  Any Wiz supporter can enjoy the lyrical syndicate he organized.  All avid smokers, the essence of marijuana lifts this mix-tape, as a good omen.  Taylor Gang has the gas, the light, and Khalifa is the slow burn.  This album is upbeat music with a backyard atmosphere. While most rappers write about misfortunes, it’s difficult to be upset, with all this Rastafarian personification. The sentiment of a lone rapper going to war, prophetically in verse is Kush and Orange Juice. Khalifa compliments with hard-hitting rap verses.  Wiz Khalifa has been a golden boy in the culture of rap today.  Following with a movie appearance in the movie Mac & Devin Go to High School aside legendary Snoop Dogg.  Khalifa signed a distribution deal with Atlantic Records, and established Taylor Gang.  He was honored with heavy commercial air-play pushing albums, Rolling Papers, and Black Hollywood to the forefront.   This performance shows Khalifa as a superstar and pop culture icon. Khalifa is a visionary, and in reality Officially “Taylored.”


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