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Published on May 20th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Snoopy Dinero ft. Remy Ma – Going Crazy

These days, good hip hop is out there but not in front of your face like it once was. You have what I call melodic rap and then you have people that put time into the bars. Bronx native, Snoopy Dinero, is one of those rappers that actually put that time in. I found myself listening to his whole album, Hard Work Beats Talent, this week and didn’t have to skip one track! That’s hip hop, ladies and gentleman.

The track is called Going Crazy and that’s exactly what they did!  Snoopy comes in the track talking heavy, talking that big boy talks with little hints of reppin’ his hood in the process. As if the Bronx rapper couldn’t rep his side to the fullest enough, he brings in a Bronx legend, Remy Ma. Let’s be honest here, sometimes rappers will bring in bigger names on tracks only for the bigger name to give an OK verse to grab a check. Remy wasn’t playing on this one. She comes in strong with metaphors and presence that she always gives off. Got to love the both of them on this one and it feels like a true connection between the artist. If you like double entendres, this track has a ton of them! Slap this in your whip!

Snoopy is making waves out here. He is also on Hot 97’s 2018 Summer Jam line up. Pay attention, before it’s too late!

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