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Published on May 8th, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


Video Premiere: Billboard Charting Artist Veronica Cooper ‘Where’s Vee?’

Veronica Cooper (Label Submitted)

Veronica Cooper (Label Submitted)

Billboard charting artist Veronica Cooper just released the music video for her latest single Where’s Vee. Adorned in a RIPNDIP jumpsuit, Cooper serves attitude with confidence in the single shot, black box style music video. The title track from her 2017 charting album, “Where’s Vee” gives listeners the perfect glimpse into Veronica Cooper’s world of glitzy charm and lyrical prowess. The video comes off the heels of Veronica’s wins for “Queen of the Year” and “Mixtape of the Year” at the It’s Gorgeous Musique Awards!

Having conquered the Las Vegas music scene, Veronica Cooper has set her sights on her next victim – Los Angeles. The Nevada transplant has already proven herself as one of 2018’s most promising hip hop artists with a three-week stint on the Billboard Heatseekers chart and it’s time for her to venture beyond her Vegas roots.

Deemed Vee Coop by her most loyal fans, Veronica is so much more than just a hip hop artist. Her music blends hip hop, R&B, EDM, and commercial pop sounds and drives as much spirit as it does mindfulness. It’s her quirky personality and incisive flow that bring something different to the table than your typical MC. As a female rapper, Veronica wants to make it clear that you don’t have to be a size 2 to be great. She’s confident, sexy, and unapologetic – the perfect making for the next hip hop superstar.

Veronica Cooper released her debut mixtape Where’s Vee? on September 9, 2017, to much acclaim. After a hugely successful mixtape release party, Where’s Vee? shot to #2 of the Billboard Heatseekers – Mountain chart and remained in the Top 10 for three weeks! She became the first solo female hip hop artist out of Nevada to do so and has since been known as the “Indie God” around town. Where’s Vee? is a blend of emotions and genres; from soulful pop tracks like “Bed of Roses” and Shame” to trap tracks like “You Don’t Know Me” and “On Me.” The mixtape was meant to be a filler release to hold her fans over until her debut album, but the response was so incredible she knew she had to do more with it. Most recently, Veronica released the music video for “On Me,” which gives fans a deeper, inside look to work and preparation that makes Veronica shine. Released on January 18th, the video has already racked up over 60,000 views.

One of the most important aspects of Veronica’s role is her explosive live show. She’s performed all across Vegas and opened for artists across the Midwest and East Coast, making new fans at every drop. To celebrate her Billboard charting, Veronica and friends put on a huge local show that took an unexpected turn. While raging on stage, Veronica misstepped and ended up falling into the crowd. Despite an instant pain, she immediately hopped back up, laughed it off, and finished her set like nothing had happened. It wasn’t until later when she was driving home that she decided to acknowledge the sharp pain in her right foot. She pulled over, unzipped her boot, and watched her ankle swell up to the size of a softball. Veronica had broken her ankle. Laughing off the matter, Veronica said, “My friends would call this unlucky, but I would say it shows that I turn up when I perform!”

Veronica Cooper is ready to show the world who she is and what she’s about, she’s got a lot to prove and is on her way to doing so. There’s a good chance the Billboard charts will be a place she gets familiar with very quickly. This is going to be the year for Vee Coop.

As a bonus, we got Veronica to weigh in on a few things via a video “Live Session”…she’s amazing…tune in!


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