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Chicago’s Triple Threat Precise Discusses How It All Began Growing Up In The Chi

According to Eddy Lamarre  (aka) Precise the success in the entertainment is faith, hard work, and passion. With the infusion of all these elements, an emcee was born and can soar to new heights. The Chicago native honed his skills from his experience as a kid attending his father’s band rehearsals.  His father was a musician trained as a guitarist and a saxophonist in his local band.  Due to Precise’s Haitian heritage, he has always been exposed to music through his life.  “ Growing up in a Haitian household music was always prevalent,” Precise recalls.

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Precise started his career as a Dj, but he knew that he wanted to transition into rap. After competing in a talent showcase at Olive Harvey College in Chicago, the judge’s Producer/DJ Terry Hunter and Armando gave him great feedback. This feedback gave Precise the encouragement and confidence to pursue his dream. Upon his assembly aspiring artists Chris Rice a.k.a. “Ideal” and Victor Moore a.k.a. Creole, they shaped the group Nubearth. As a group, Nubearth toured in Chicago and regionally. They had the chance and memorable ride of opening for Common at Northern Illinois University.

This practice was constructing Precise the ability to showcase himself musically, lyrically and command the stage. The stage is a natural setting for him to entertain and perform, the messages through all these experiences. Precise’s influences range from hip-hop legends KRS-One, Rakim, Slick Rick, Black Thought of The Roots, Guru of Gangstarr and Mos Def have been instrumental in shaping Precise’s fashion as a lyricist.

“ I would describe my rap style lyrical substance drawing from the original blueprint of the hip-hop culture,” says Precise

Besides, hip-hop Precise additional attributes musical greats as Sting, George Benson U2 to Gangstarr who Precise chose his title from their single “Precisely The Right Rhyme”.

After being featured on a children’s academic CD Mind Games on the songs “Rock The Net” and “Punctuation”, he did his first solo challenge titled My Life. The lead single “It’s On Me” has an uptempo old-school experience that has become famous amongst DJ’s domestically and internationally.

Precise’s fantastic and spiritual strength radiates during the challenge and life. He remembers the essence of Hip-hop and his roots that will elevate him up the musical ladder.

I recently had the opportunity to the man that wears many hats that includes Djing, musician, and journalist. Precise discussed the journey that has molded him into the person he is today. Throughout his career, he has been able to be featured on Fox’s hit show Empire to interviewing some of the biggest names in the industry. For example, Omari Hardwick who plays Ghost from Power. The full interview with Precise can be seen below for your viewing pleasure.

How has growing up in Chicago help mold you into who you are today?

Growing up in Chicago was amazing. I grew up at a time where community still held importance. Neighbors helped to raise you. Kids played in the front yard for hours on end. When the 80’s came everything shifted, crack was all around and I saw people I used to play strike out with becoming dealers or users.

Fortunately, I was able to escape those trappings. I was raised by Haitian parents so they were not going for any of that stuff. I appreciate them. All of the experiences I have had in one of the greatest cities in the world have helped to mold me.

Can talk to us about what inspired you to become a Dj?

I’ve always had a love for music and I grew up during a time when House music was ruling the city. The first person I saw with turntables was my childhood friend Frank then I met John Evans who gave me a Gemini and a Panasonic turntable with a Radio Shack mixer. From that point, I was DJing. It was cool but I gravitated more towards rapping and focused my skills on the lyrics.

Who were some of the people you studied growing up?

When it comes to rap, I studied everyone from Too Short, KRS One, ATCQ to GangStar

What was going through your head when you were performing in front of Producer/ DJTerry Hunter and Armando at Olive Harvey College in Chicago?

Nothing really. I just wanted to go out there and do a dope performance. I finally got footage of that show and it’s hilarious, but my energy was high. Interestingly enough that was the day I decided to take this rap thing seriously.

Are you working on any music currently?

I’m working on music constantly. I’m currently working on an Ep with Rkitech. He’s an accomplished producer from NY. We have a few songs dropping soon. I’m also finishing up my project Man Of The Ages. My song “A Killer Joe” is streaming right now. If you want to research anymore of my music. I have a project called Ladies Love Mixtapes a single That Ol Boom Bap and one called It’s On Me is on all streaming platforms.

Courtesy of Precise

You were featured on the hit show Empire on Fox during season two. Can you talk about what it was like working with Terrence Howard?

I was very fortunate to make it on to that season. I played a Federal Marshall. Terrence Howard is easily one of the most talented men in the business. He’s a musician, a songwriter and an actor and does all of it at a high level. He was approachable on set and that was cool cause it helped to calm my nerves.

How do you want to use your platform to inspire the next generation?

My duty is to speak life into the world using this platform. The world is fighting itself right now and the scales are tipping in the favor of positivity. We have to keep pushing all that is good all that encourages and helps people. I want my platform to be a conduit of light and love.

Are there any panels that we can see you this year?

No panels but I will be performing at Bantu Fest in Chicago on July 28th. Amara LeNegra will be there too. I’m pretty excited about that.

What has been your favorite interview thus far?

This one.

What do you want your legacy to be?

When people talk about Precise I want them to say that I did my best to encourage positivity and growth. I want them to say that I embraced love and spoke life into the world.


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