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Music Industry Veteran, Wildman Teddy T, Helps At-Risk Students Find Their Passion For Business

Young people everywhere are fascinated with the thought of making it big and striking it rich in the music industry, but seldom do they know the hard work that it really takes to break in and make it. From the flashy jewelry and fast cars to the modelesque women and stacks of money, young adults attribute making it “big” as living the fictional lifestyle that is often celebrated and glorified in music videos. Each year, students interested in breaking into the music game, pay less and less attention to what is going on in the classroom, and more attention to what their favorite celebrity is wearing on Instagram.  Music industry veteran Theodore “Wildman Teddy T” Taylor noticed this growing epidemic and decided to create a program that would teach high school students the real business of the music business.

Wildman Teddy T, in partnership with IMG Strong Arm’s Darrius “DJ Sco” Palmer, founded the T.E.E.S. (Teens Exercising Extraordinary Success) program, a curriculum that derives from the A Nu Foundation Arts, Entertainment, and Business Academy, created to assist at-risk teens attending Sunrise Charter High School with getting one step closer to graduation while preparing them for the world of business through strengthening their communication ability, critical thinking skills, and interpersonal skills, among many other skills needed for them to be successful in life.

The students who took part in this year’s program were chosen to participate in T.E.E.S. by the school’s principal and other faculty members. Each student chosen for this program, ranging in ages 16 – 20, were previously kicked out of their high school and were provided with this opportunity as their “last chance” for success by Wildman Teddy T and DJ Sco.

“This year’s inaugural program was a major success,” says founder Wildman Teddy T. “We took these 9 students who were barely excited about the thought of learning and going to school; and showed them how to start their own business, a multi-media and publishing company, called Strictly About Business. Through the skills they learned with us, they were able to register this company with State of Florida, create and record their own tracks, showcase their production skills, meet and work with celebrities like Flo Rida and Juvenile, learn the importance of administrative paperwork, and so much more.In one year the attendance of these students improved, their grades improved, and their overall attitude towards life improved.  They walked away with more knowledge about themselves, the music business, and the ability to do something that without this program they may never have had the opportunity to do.”

All skills learned and efforts made by these students, led to the creation of the Strictly About Business Volume 1: The Making of a Multi Media Company DVD and Soundtrack that is set to be released at the end of June. The DVD showcases the journey of these students from the beginning of the program to now.



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