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Published on June 15th, 2018 | by Sneakerwire Harris


Nas Redefines Classic Rap with Latest Album Nasir

Seven track album Nasir is a book of vigorous story-telling.  As an ode to New York hustlers, rap cultivation, and commentary on the growth of the underground.  Nasir is the mark of musical genius. Nas @Nas classic verses infuse jazz, blues, and hip hop to solidify his legendary music status.  As a culmination of infamous Nas albums like Ill-Matic, Stillmatic, and It Was Written. The mathematics Nas quotes is supreme knowledge for Kings and Queens, globally.  Kanye West rare production prowess uses unique background sound elements.  West production pieces are wildly, innovative. Despite recent controversy he discovers a dimension The vivid 80’s imagery of the cover shows youth impressed by the life under the gun, in commentary to immediate struggles and a culture of violence.

It is not shocking the son of a jazz musician, Olu Dara, would blend perfectly with the consolidated instrumentals of West.  The highlight of the album is the acapella verses of Nas, that liven the gritty sound of NY boroughs.  Nas as an emcee is Top 5, in history. Currently publisher of Mass Appeal and authentic collaborator with Fila and British Knights, Nas has remained authentic to hip hop culture.  Nastradamus was tied to Large Professor, and now seeks refuge in the soulful production of the self proclaimed second coming of Dilla– Kanye West.  It is a remarkable pairing reminiscent of a section from Guru’s, Jazzmatazz.  Known as a dynamic emcee, Nas has been slept on in the mainstream. Nasir is a journey of the legendary emcees rhymes from conception to present day. His rebirth came behind rap politics, after laying down the beef, of “Ether” and honing his skills aside Jay-z.  Nasir is rigorous in respect to the underground; Nas presents a firm technical skill proving he fathered, “rigamortis”. As a consummate street disciple Nas has been known for “bridging the gap” between jazz and hip hop.

Digging in crates for good records is essential to any rap collection.  Nasir is the album that refreshes the energy of hip hop euphemisms.  Exploring vintage Nas, allows true heads to rediscover a respect for musical genius. Nas has always been an instinctive talent breed from New York’s street struggles. His only inherent vice the cerebral hemorrhaging of the masses.  The theory is a street sentiment that can be felt, however the vision of growth in rap, often falls on deaf ears. Nas invokes the spirit of those lost in the struggle to form art on wax. As we pay homage to his rap prominence we also respect the underground, and innovators in rap society.  The Bridge is not over, and Nasir revamps greatness.

Revisit Nasir Jones listening Party via Mass Appeal

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