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Published on June 12th, 2018 | by The Rap Hippies


Tcrook$ Gives His Homie a Voice in New Project, ’94 Plaga’

Virginia has done it again and continues to show us not to sleep on their music. Just released earlier this month, a new project has surfaced from the 757 titled, 94 Plaga . The EP is only a short 13 minutes, but holds a heavy impact in so many ways. The gritty project consist of 4 songs total by Tcrook$ & 94 Nice where they both are equally heard throughout. Both rappers have a hard east coast like sound and flow that feels good to hear. It ultimately feels like real rap.

The EP starts off with a short 2 minute track titled after the EP that immediately sets the tone for the project. Don’t expect a radio hit or something mainstream coming from these two artist, but expect something real and raw. This is strictly for the hood. This is music that your own people and hood would be proud of. But you don’t gotta be from Newport News, VA to relate; Tcrook$ & 94 Nice are speaking on things we all know about.

The most unique thing about this EP is that Tcrook$ has released this project in honor of 94 Nice who is no longer with us due to gun violence. As you search #94nice, #94plaga, or #94forever you see the love people have for the project and for 94 Nice. To the 757, 94 Nice would have been up next. You can see the impact he made on his people by the amount of love given on social media. Whats dope is how rapper, Tcrook$, is still making sure 94 nice voice is heard and his music gets out there. The project was released at midnight of 94 Nice’s birthday as was the plan before his passing. Tcrook$ made it a point to keep that same plan going in honor of the 757’s fallen legend. The project itself is a must listen and gives us no skips. From top to bottom, “94 Plaga” rides. Make sure you find and follow “94 Plaga” on all streaming platforms.



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