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Published on June 5th, 2018 | by Guest Editor


The Real Daytime – When Loni Discovered That PMS Is Very Real

Is PMS real? According to women everywhere, yes it is! Periods hurt, they make you grumpy and they can turn you into a whole different person. It can make you moody, irritable, depressed, anxious, bloated, and anxious. Our complete change in mood can catch us, and even the most understanding of men, off guard, — And this is exactly what happened to comedian, Loni Love. Today on The Real, the ladies discuss whether PMS is real or if it’s just a get-out-of-jail-free card? Co-host and comedic, Loni Love talked about her own experiences and shared some very strong opinions on the topic!


Comedian Loni Love shares her sentiments saying —

“When I was in my 20’s, seriously, when I was working, there was a lot of stresses and things on me. And I can remember one time – you know, ‘cause, you know, we never talked about it, me and my mom never talked about things like PMS and all that kind of stuff – so you know, I didn’t know, I’m in my 20’s, I’m an engineer, I’m working, and one day, my boss came to me, y’all – I promise you, that man didn’t do anything but come to me. But the feeling in my mind about him? I just – I wanted to do something to him.”

She continued commenting, “Because I was like, “What am I feeling that I don’t like this man right now that’s telling me – ” and it wasn’t  – and he didn’t do anything. And so I kept monitoring myself. And it was like the next month. But then, after my cycle came on, I was fine. But it was right before that I had this like, feeling. So I started talking to other women, and some women were experiencing some things that were like suicidal, they wanted to hurt themselves… They wanted to hurt other women… You don’t know why you’re sad. And then once your cycle comes on, for some women, it’s like, “Ok.” So I had to realize that it was something. So I went to the doctor and they started prescribing herbal medication for me, to balance my hormones. So this is real.”





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