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Who Are “The Provisioners”?

This past Saturday The Provisioners, a hot new rock band from Long Island, NY landed on my radar with their debut EP, “Everyone And Me.” I decided to catch up with the band’s front man, singer/songwriter David Dawn.

Ken Cosentino: “OK David, tell me a bit about your sound… what are your influences?”

David Dawn: “Vocally, influences were pulled from bands like Oasis, The Black Keys, The Black Crowes and Jet. Our Guitarist, Frank Schnetzer, draws a lot of his influence from Eddie Van Halen, Noel Gallagher, ACDC & The Edge. Our Bassist, Jeremy Ferris, comes from a background of indie rock and punk, and takes influence from bands like Dinosaur Jr., Ice Age,  and Husker Du. Finally, our drummer, Nate Ward, comes from a pop-punk driven background, and draws from bands like Green Day, Blink-182 and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.”

KC: “I dig it! So what can your listeners expect to hear when they listen to your new EP?”

DD: “Putting all these sounds together creates our sound, which has been described as a ‘storm of a soundscape’ by A&R Factory Magazine. From the Pop-Rock mellow tunes of ‘Halcyonic’ to the hard-hitting, heavy sounding ‘Firefly,’ there’s something in there for everyone.”

KC: “Tell me about composing the album, ‘Everyone And Me,’ how is it laid out?”

DD: “It’s got six tracks, including one acoustic track that was performed and recorded live in our recording studio. Throughout the lyrics and music of each song, there are 3 common themes: hope, dreams & love. A lot of the lyrics were written at a time where I was stuck at what felt like a dead-end job, and yearned for more, and this thought is reflected in songs like ‘Everyone and Me’ and ‘(Tell Me) I’m Okay.’ What makes this EP different from everything else out there is the number of influences we draw from. Each band member comes from a different musical background, and we put them all together to create an amalgamation of sounds that gel really well together.”

“Everyone And Me” are available by streaming it online or you can buy the CD.

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