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Published on July 24th, 2018 | by Landon Buford


Big 3 Video Game On The Way? It’s Leadership Says It May Be Closer Than You Think

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It is that time of year where video game fans like myself are ready for NBA 2k from 2K Sports and Madden from EA Sports. In NBA 2k were are intrigued to know which legends will appear in this year’s version or to play with the roster upgrades in Madden.  For me, I have wanted to play with Reggie Miller ever since he retired from NBA in 2005 and always wondered why he was not available.

Well during the 2018 NBA All-star weekend, Miller confirmed why he is not in the video game via Instagram live during a Q&A session, and it is due to not being offered proper compensation for his likeness. Reggie Miller was a cold-blooded assassin during his heyday he someone that would torch the New York Knicks on a yearly basis. Just ask Spike Lee and  John Starks. They even made a 30 for 30 called Winning Time: Reggie Miller vs. the New York.

As for Charles Barkley, He was recently on the Scoop B Radio Podcast and talked about why he is not on the popular video game here is what he told Brandon ‘Scoop B” Robinson:

“I’m still not there,”Said Barkley He would continue, “I told them [if] they gave me x-amount of money, not give it to me; give it to the retired players, I’d appear in their video game. They haven’t done it, so I’m not in there.”

Barkley is focused on helping the Retired Players Association, and to make sure they are adequately compensated for healthcare and whatever else they might need.

“Unless they give the retired players x-amount of money they cannot use my likeness. And, I think I’m not even going to think about that anymore. They’re gonna give some money to the retired players, or they’ll never be able to use my likeness, period.” said Barkley.

During a phone conference interview this morning with the Big 3 leadership, it was asked if we could see a video game involving The Big 3 platform in the future. This is what the Big 3 leadership response was to that question:

“We have contacted some of the biggest and the best at it, but our timing was not great for what needs to be done to get something like that off the ground. Our sport was a different level when we first initiated those contacts, and a lot of people told us no in the beginning, or maybe and what have you. Now, they are interested in talking with us, and we plan on discussing details with the companies that we have been approached by, and we understand that we are ahead of the curve. It takes time for people to catch up and we don’t mind it we will wait for them to catch up.” Said Cube

Clyde Drexler would add that they have talked to 2K and EA Sports, and they both wanted to know more about our game. Now, that they had the time to sit back and observe they’ve become more and more intrigue. I would envision in the future as Cube said. At first, they said no no, but now they are saying this has some weight and legs, and they want to be a part of it. We would love to have a Big 3 on 2K Sports or EA Sports it’s our dream because we want to grow the game and make it a global sport. Drexler would continue with; as you heard before 3 on 3 basketball is the most played basketball in the world. It is an original form of art, and the Big 3 is the professional league of the original form. So, it is only natural.

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