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Published on July 31st, 2018 | by AnthonyRian


Geno Five – The Feels


“Feels”. As dramatic as this may sound, that word has more weight now, more than ever. We’ve heard “Feels” mean the negative, the sadness that we feel, we’ve heard “oh you’re in your feels” in fights, the word has multiple meanings. Clearly “Feels” is short for feelings and not just the negative ones. Englewood emcee Geno Five explores the different spectrums of feelings we all go through on his latest project “The Feels”.

With a title like “The Feels” one would expect this record to be downtrodden, full of sad music, with no hope of a foreseeable future. The minute you turn this on though, you’re met with an energetic delivery from Geno. “We The Crew” speaks on the triumphs and successes of going through the trials of life and coming out clean with the people you came up with. Geno truly captures the myriad of emotions, highs and lows that we experience in life.

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the depressions and tough times in life, however Geno Five challenges us to look at the big picture. Don’t let our supposed failures keep you down, because chances are if you stick through it, blessings are on the other side of life’s difficult trials.


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