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Published on July 17th, 2018 | by David Morales


Health Watch: Modern Men’s Sexual Health

Stephen Sullivan is a business leader in his community who thinks visiting a doctor and getting treatment should be as convenient and enjoyable as online shopping. After receiving his MBA from The University of Chicago- Booth School of Business, Stephen co-founded with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Alex Jovanovich. The company incorporates a strategy known as the direct-to-consumer tele-health business model to improve patient care and reduce drug prices. With the rise in health care premiums and the expense of doctor visits, who has the time to see a doctor for medication? That is what makes Bluechew such a value. Check out how you can get access.

Stephen, can you please tell me why sexual health is so important?

 Effectively the current situation in which men get help with erectile dysfunction is to go to the physician in person and scheduled an appointment. Usually it means that they have to take a day off of work or half a day off of work and then get prescribed either by Viagra, Cialis or one of the other competitors — go to the pharmacy, pick it up and then, see if it works for them. That does or doesn’t work for them. If it doesn’t work for them, they have to go through the appointment again and pick it up at the pharmacy and the prices for the doctor’s visit and the prescriptions are going up dramatically.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the prices of prescription drugs and, the insurance problems that are happening in the United States where people’s deductibles are very high, and their coverage doesn’t cover the visit or the medicine. So, what’s happening is that men of all ages are just not able to get access to the treatments that make them more intimate with their partner, more confident and ultimately improve their relationships that they have throughout their lives.

Right now, there a few companies that offer these services online, and what makes Bluechew different is that it is chewable. Taking a pill can sometimes interact fatty meals or guys might not want to take a pill with water or don’t want to have the stigma of taking a pill in front of their significant other or girlfriend. They can use Bluechew, which also works faster. It gets into the system a little quicker so that if you think that you need to be ready in the next half hour or 45 minutes. The chewable tablet really is a benefit over the pill. So that’s what we’ve created at

Alex, what are the most important question men ask their doctors about sex?

So, it’s a tricky question, because men don’t really talk that much about sex. it’s one of those kinds of things where they believe it or not, keep to themselves. It’s a lot of times if they do, it’s with their partner, but you know, they will, a lot of times they’ll hear a question like, is this normal or a friend of mine had this. We talk between ourselves and we’ll tell stories, but we won’t ask real questions. So, a lot of times it’ll just be the questions about, is it normal say sometimes to have an issue with getting an erection? Even though other times you do not have things like that where they might feel too nervous or scared to ask someone else.

So, what made you want to start Bluechew?

So when I was working in the clinic it was one of the things the guys cared about the most when they did bring it up was Viagra, Cialis, it was only the brands, so we would try to save as many of the discount cards as we could, but it got to a point where I was turning away people who had real serious concern and I really wanted to help them. So, we know the time was kind of right, the generic came out, so we decided to jump on it!

How does the online subscription model work?

It’s very similar to what happens in the clinic. You get to ask some series questions. I asked them about their health in general to take what medications they’re taking and then we determine whether or not they get benefit from our medication. it’s basically the same set of questions that a physician will ask in the office. We just have them answer it online and then physicians use it later instead.

Who is a good candidate for Bluechew?

It is not just for men with erectile dysfunction. Honestly any man that is sexually active that feels he could use more confidence and wants to experience a kind of fuller, better sex. Also, all the way up through somebody who consistently wishes that they could perform better.  A lot of guys will have issues at some point knowing whether or not it’s anxiety or social issues. So, we think that our product is for a wide range of men who are just looking to increase performance competence in bed.

Where can we go for more information?

For more information check out

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