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Published on July 4th, 2018 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


KVNE – Make Me Better

Canadian R&B and Urban Pop artist, Kevin Edworthy, musically known as KVNE, is thrilled to announce the release of his first single “Make Me Better”. Produced by PDUB, the artist’s new single promises to pair his soulful lyrics with intricate R&B melodies, accompanied by the sounds of classic 808 trap. With previous hits including, “On the Rise”, “Hush and Moan”, “I’m Loving’ It (ft. Brae)”, and “Late Nights”, KNVE proves his musical mastery by writing, recording and mixing his own content. With a new single and more music on the way, KVNE is determined to spread his music to listeners around the world.

KVNE’s debut single “Make Me Better” is available across all major music platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and more.

KVNE’s new R&B crossover single, ‘Make Me Better’, is the most fan relatable piece he has ever produced. Touching on growth and vulnerability in relationships, Kevin writes about a connection amongst two people close to him. He aims to create true, heartfelt connections between his music and audiences.

“My new single is about an unspoken connection- that connection to another person, and the influence or power they have to make you want more for yourself,” says KVNE.

With a guitar in hand from the young age of 11, Kevin could never put it down, nor get music out of his head. Kevin started his first band by the age of 13, which went on to open for Marianas Trench, and toured with other iconic Canadian acts such as, Hedley, Alexisonfire, and Avril Lavigne. In the years later, Kevin found himself gravitating more towards writing and engineering. Under the wing of music mentors and producers such as, Ashton Adams and Bryan Cockett, Kevin was reminded that making music was exactly what he needed to be doing.

Having co-founded independent recording label, The KillaKollective, with partners Solomon Mallo and Julian Broderick, Kevin proves making music is more than just being an artist, it’s about building a community. With 15 different producers working with them to date, the three together hope to bridge the gap between artist, genre, and record label in the local music scene.

“To us, music is much more than breaking charts and doing it for the monetary return. We want to instill that you really don’t need money to pursue what you love- just passion and a direction,” says KVNE. “Our label is about creating opportunities for others- it is about bringing a sense of community back to artistry. I want to make music, but I want to do it differently- I want to do it positively.”

Kevin emphasizes being a positive and powerful force for artists and audiences around the world. From sharing experiences with all types of music icons, to collaborating with numerous producers, Kevin encompasses the necessary tools to not only make music for himself, but to also open doors for other aspiring artists. It is safe to say Kevin does not shy away from any particular genre, as he is set to explore sounds ranging from his classic R&B flow, rap, electric, to even venturing into Bollywood styles. KVNE is promised to deliver boundless music.

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