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Published on July 13th, 2018 | by Jason Bourne


Tony Warren – Not Today

Known professionally as Tony Warren, this windy city native is known as one of the brightest stars to come from the Midwest in a number of years. A product of the notoriously vilified Chicago inner city, Tony Warren has made a decision to use music as a vessel for change in not only his ways, but the circumstances of those around him.  A hard worker, he has taken steps to separate himself from the gang influence and poverty he sees daily. Depicting the hard realities of perseverance in his music, Tony Warren has gone about his efforts in a “by any means necessary” approach as he remains steadfast in his goal of making it out.  A 6 year veteran of the music industry his collaboration resume includes work with Derrick Milano, Trippie Red, Mango Foo, Gunna, Xxxtentacion and Ohno.  Far from his peak, Tony Warren has kicked off the anticipation of his Bravo project with the buzzworthy release, Not Today which is currently available on all streaming platforms.

“My Goals are to make my parents proud of me. One day go on tour & take over the music industry to entertain fans all over the world.”

His music, sans fabrication, is a product of real life experience produced by a young man who has chosen art over crime.

“I started doing music because that’s the only fast way out of gang banging in Chicago. I got to the point where I was tired of it.  I remember I used to tell my friends I have shows outside the city just to leave out. Fast forward to today, I really have those shows.”

Listen to his new single, Not Today.


Stay tuned for all of the forthcoming moves from Tony Warren and his Weinthezone Records teammates. For now, check out “Not Today” below and follow @Txnywarren

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