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Who or what is Fanstereo?

Fanstereo is an entertainment lifestyle brand that connects artists and musicians directly to fans across the globe. Co-founded by celebrity-branding expert Jay Leopardi, headphone expert Steve Rois and Super Bowl Champion Walter Thurmond III, Fanstereo’s concept is at the intersection of entertainment and technology.

The company’s consumer-facing products include hybrid headphones, earphones and Bluetooth speakers, designed with cutting-edge technologies from the DNA of professional audio leader, Direct Sound. Each product offers the sound quality of professional-grade audio, available for the very first time on the consumer market. With a mission to empower artists and fans, Fanstereo’s team of innovative pioneers live to inspire the next generation of pop culture.

As a company, who or what is Fanstereo?

Fanstereo is a consumer electronic manufacture in the USA developing new and innovative products that deliver the highest quality sound ever heard. Mixed with top-tier Celebrities, our mission is to offer the best products, the best price and the best Celebrities to the FANS.

What brought you to this industry and the development of Fanstereo Products specifically and why is this important?

I saw that beats did so well but did not have good technology nor sound. Not to mention, the celebrities that endorsed them made NOTHING… So I wanted to make a better brand and make sure that the celebrities made money but most importantly the FANS got a fair deal. No hoopla!

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current phase of business?

I had to develop approx 10 different headphones and each time I did these I was not pleased with the sound. Secondly, money was a huge issue. Every time we turned our heads we had to find a way to deliver the product but had not enough money to produce it fast enough. Wow, this was so stressful.

What do you want people to get from the way that you conduct business and your product line?

Enjoyment, pleasure, convenience, and a way to get even closer to their favorite artists.

Tell us about the current and future goals of Fanstereo Products?

Currently, we have sold out of our most popular “Studio43 Headphones, and the newest version will be ready for stores in 45 days. Additionally, we have started a kickstarter campaign on our newest speaker and interactive technology. Its called the Nubump VDA with our unique one of a kind VECTOR Technology.

What do you feel has been Fanstereo Products greatest achievement so far?

The products, the celebrities and the FANS have so far won the deal.

What does Fanstereo Products participate in within the community in order to give back and why?

We have given back to many organizations, we have also created a record label to find the next big music artists.

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know… How have you seen Fanstereo Products make an impact in the Music Industry and the lives of music loving consumers?

In many ways… we have seen our celebrities go from making music to becoming amazing entrepreneurs. This was a big accomplishment for me.

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