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Published on August 13th, 2018 | by Hype Editorial



Post punk rock band BadSkum are happy to reveal their new single “Super Moon” by way of a video directed by Stellan Von Reykebiel.   Calling the clip “enigmatic” Blackbook premiered the video saying the single is a “paradigm of heady psychedelia, with all the moodiness of Pink Floyd and the sonic space travel of Spiritualized.”

BadSkum is Sweden based, Detroit born, Armenian singer Mark Ephraim. “Super Moon” was  shot with an old VHS camcorder using an old tape that had “Friends” episodes on it. You can see a little glimpse Ross at the very end.  Talking of today’s video Ephraim notes,  “style plays a big part in the visual aspect of BadSkum. Every video is a bit like a comment on my past travels of experiences.”  For last year’s “Turnstile Lovers” video, he wore a Sudanese high school uniform picked up from a friend who lived in Khartoum. He donned a leopard track suit handmade in Amman, Jordan for his “Proud Mary” video.  For “Super Moon” Ephraim went old school and wore a suit from the sale rack at Century 21 that he bought to attend the Grammys as he tagging along with the Eminem crew when he was nominated for the Marshall Mathers LP.

BadSkum formed in Stockholm, Sweden after Ephraim’s move there from NYC.  The band has rotating cast of Swedish musicians and when asked why not keep a solid lineup, he replied “I stopped keeping anyone in a band with me too long because they always end up dying or plotting to kick me out.”  Ephraim spent 16 years in Brooklyn, New York as a music producer and as an artist developing his unique sound.


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