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Published on August 5th, 2018 | by Jameelah "Just Jay" Wilkerson


Drei Ros ft. Sy Ari Da Kid, Reo Cragun & Tray Haggerty – LIT

Romanian born music artist Drei Ros has spent years spicing up tracks for artists such as Pusha T, Gucci Mane and Kap G – but is now ready to show the world who ‘Drei Ros’ really is. This October, Drei will be releasing his upcoming trap album of original music “Excuse My Accent,” produced by by 808 Mafia (who produced tracks for Future, Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, etc.). Drei was recently featured on the Latina trap track “Bomberos” alongside Latino/Urbano duo Los Rakas and produced by DJ duo Breakfast N Vegas. The successful single was featured on Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday Latin’ and ‘Beast Mode’ playlists. Leading up to his album release, Drei will be dropping a collaboration with Sy Ari Da Kid, Reo Cragun and Tray Haggerty entitled “Lit” on August 15th

WATCH HERE: “Bomberos” – Breakfast N Vegas ft. Drei Ros x Los Rakas Music Video

Ros was born in Ploiesti, Romania. At the age of 16, he moved to the US to play collegiate basketball in Seattle. In 2004, tragedy struck Drei’s family as they were told his father was suffering from the last stage of his liver cancer. He quickly packed up his belongings and moved back home to Romania with his family for his father’s final days. While home, a childhood friend invited Drei into a recording studio for the first time. With an abundance of emotions coursing through his veins, he completed his first musical project in Romanian that summer which he dedicated to his dad, entitled “Between Life and Death.” Although never officially released, the positive reviews garnered from the project motivated Drei to continue to create original music. After a brief career as a professional basketball player in Romania, he eventually decided to move back to the US (Los Angeles) to pursue music full time.

Since living in LA, Drei has fully immersed himself in the urban music culture, picking up notes of trap, hip-hop, R&B and similar genres in his music. In 2009, Drei teamed up with artists Burre Collins and Dyce Dylli to form the band B.O.S.S. (“building our success story”). His infectious Romanian accent added intrigue to his English raps, and brought quick success to several B.O.S.S. singles – ultimately leading to the curation of the band’s album and a tour of the Pacific Northwest.

Still new to the music industry and experimenting with his sound, Drei teamed up with more artists of different backgrounds to dabble with adding his own creative style to a multitude of genres. He’s since paired up with the likes of Jamaican Reggae legend Junior Reid, Alex Mica, Evelyn, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Pusha T, Krisha, etc. In 2016, Drei’s music video went viral for “Shake Dat Monkey” featuring JBo of the Youngbloodz (and Messiah on the Latin remix), garnering 3.3M+ YouTube views. Continuing his history of successful collabs in 2017, Drei released the singles “Ordinary Day” featuring Pack The Arcade and “I Need You” featuring Marvelus Fame and Bel. At the beginning of 2018, Drei teamed up with J Romero and Kap G to create “Loco” with an accompanying music video, which has already garnered 1.2M+ views on YouTube alone. Most recently, he released“Bomberos” with Breakfast N Vegas and Los Rakas. He will soon be releasing his latest collab “Lit” with Sy Ari Da Kid, Reo Cragun and Tray Haggerty on August 15th, along with his own original album “Excuse My Accent” (Oct 2018).

WATCH HERE: “Shake Dat Monkey” – Drei Ros ft. JBo of the Youngbloodz Music Video (3.3M+ Views)

Now, Drei is out to show the world his own sound by releasing an album of his original tracks entitled “Excuse My Accent”. The album was produced by 808 Mafia (who produced tracks for Future, Drake, Migos, Travis Scott, DJ Khaled, etc.). The trap album mixes English and Spanish languages, giving it the edge of an international appeal. With his Romanian roots and the lessons from his many collaborations molded into the foundation of the artist he has become, Drei’s album will have hints of his past creations – but overall be a never-before-heard music brand for fans that fully embodies his artistry as “Drei Ros”.

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