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Published on August 28th, 2018 | by Guest Editor


Emily Morrone – My Way

Emily Morrone is authentic. Her new EP “My Way,” out TODAY, is the perfect example of her own personal evolution in music. Released to coincide with her live performance at Bloomington PRIDE, “My Way,” a 7-track EP, puts on display an extensive amount of growth since April alone; her last EP, “Blooming,” was released just 4 months ago. But “My Way” showcases a new passion for this young alternative pop vocalist; live looping, as a one-woman band. This record, compared to her last, switches from an acoustic-driven singer-songwriter persona to an upfront alt pop-R&B-synth-based mixture, one that’s all her own (literally), as he brings these songs to life in her live performances, which feature a MIDI keyboard, her acoustic guitar, and her voice, all looped through a simple pedal. Her transformation came naturally as she continued to expand her knowledge on the software program Logic, but with “My Way,” she successfully translates her live performances to recorded tracks, giving listeners a collection of tracks that perfectly exemplify who Emily Morrone is as an artist now. About the release of “My Way,”

“I am so excited to share the My Way EP with the world. I am finally making the kind of music that I want to make as an artist.  This EP is a blend of dance-pop and R&B, and the songs tackle issues like equality, political climate, love, and of course, doing it My Way.”

Emily Morrone is a 21 year old alternative pop vocalist and LGBTQ+ advocate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Her debut 7-track EP, “Blooming,” was released earlier this year, compiled of 7 singles she had released since 2015, and featured an acoustic-pop/soul sound heavily influenced by artists such as Tori Kelly and Ed Sheeran. Over the years (and through much experimentation), Morrone’s musical direction took a drastic turn as she continued to learn about the use of a loop pedal, which quickly became a staple in her one-woman-band live performances. Her new EP, “My Way,” demonstrates her passion of this unique feature in her live performances, featuring prominent elements of dance-pop and contemporary R&B. Citing artists such as Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, and Ariana Grande as major influences for her new music, Emily’s live performance and new music both utilize a MIDI keyboard with Logic software, a guitar, and vocals. Her intricate performances, now in sync with her recorded music, create an innovative path for Morrone to walk.  “My Way” is out NOW.
“My Way” stream link
“Blooming” stream link



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