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Live Nation launches Lawn Days with Billboard host Chelsea Briggs

Summer isn’t over yet! There is lot of time to enjoy the outdoor concerts you love. That is why Billboard contributor, TV/radio host and founder of Chelsea Briggs shares her perspective on how to make the most of the summer concert season, including ways to see top artists across the country without paying for tickets!

Together Hilton Honors and Live Nation have launched Lawn Days to promote thousands of lawn seat concert tickets. Check out our short satellite presentation on how you can get tickets to top pop, hip hop, rock and county music shows all across the nation.

Where are you joining me from today?

I’m currently the BB&T Pavilion in Camden, New Jersey and I am eagerly awaiting the Charlie Puth concert which goes down here tonight. I’m a huge Charlie fan so this is very exciting for me. I’m really excited to share with you guys some money saving tips on how you can see your favorite artists this summer. So are you ready for this?


Okay! I am incredibly passionate about music, so every summer I feel like I spend a lot of money and time traveling to see my favorite artists. This year I finally found a way to put those points that I’m earning via travel towards an experience like coming to a summer concert, like the Charlie Puth concert. So, it’s really exciting. Hilton Honors is actually partnered with Live Nation for its first ever Lawn Days concert series, which gives Hilton Honors members access to tickets, to concerts all around the U.S, by just having 10,000 points a pair and being at Honor member. Racking up 10,000 points is so easy. It’s very accessible. It’s something that you guys can definitely do. If you’re a concert goer.

You had us at ‘free.’ How is that possible?

Yeah, in order to be a member you just have to go to the website, and enroll yourself. Then once you start traveling and staying at hotels, Hilton hotels, you will quickly rack up points. Then those points you can use towards exclusive concerts. Like coming to, like I said, the Charlie Puth concert or to see your favorite artists. It’s really, really simple.

So How Does Lawn Days Work?

So Lawn Days works because once you’re a Hilton Honors member, you have access to these tickets and actually other exclusive concerts as well. The full schedule is up on and I’m talking like it’s not just any artists that you can get tickets for — their chart topping artists. So the full schedule is up at the website and really it’s pop artists, hip hop artists, country artists, really something for everyone. So, I just think it’s such a great thing to add to your summer schedule. Are you excited about it?

Super excited Chelsea!

Any tips for how best to enjoy a concert on the lawn?

I think the biggest thing for sitting on the lawn is definitely arriving early. Most venues opened up about 90 minutes prior to the concert, which is a perfect amount of time to go. Get a good spot on the lawn, Very important.  Also dress comfortable. I think it’s kind of a no brainer, but we always make that mistake because we want that good instagram picture. So you wear the booties, but instead I think just wearing tennis shoes, sandals, clothes that fit well, that allow you to really bust a dance move because you have a lot of dancing to do at  the concert. Then lastly, just be present. I think there’s so many times I go to concerts wherever it has their phone up and that’s fine. Get the content you need to take pictures, but I think maybe do that the first two songs and then, you know, put the phone away, have fun with your friends and really just kind of enjoy it.

Where can we go from more information?

All the information can be found at



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