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Love & Hip Hop Director Earl Barlow Ventures Into Acting With Upcoming TV Show ‘Trial Time TV’

Popular director, Earl “Slick Two Three” Barlow, is set to pursue an acting career and release a new television show that will show the world another side of the entertainment heavyweight. Barlow, popularly known as “Slick Two Three” is an experienced director and editor, famous for his role as director and supervising producer for Love & Hip Hop.

The entertainment world has witnessed Barlow’s several talents both in the music world and in motion pictures. Among the creative skills that have established him as a force to reckoned with in the world of entertainment is as the CEO of Sharp Team Entertainment, a platform that ignites the careers of up and coming talent from a wide range of industries.

Two Three has always demonstrated his talents and passion for learning new skills that would help in achieving his life goals, initially venturing into the industry with the aim of becoming an actor and stuntman. However, he has always had the passion for music.

In 2004, Two Three worked with several producers in Los Angeles, California and broke into the music spotlight when the song debuted on the Billboard Charts at number 23 on the Hot Hip-Hop & R&B Single Sales Chart.

Two Three also wrote and performed the theme song for the 2005 independent short film “Keeping Up With The Joneses,” written by Paul Zies,  Executive Produced and Directed by Craig Borders, subsequently winning the award for “Best Score” at the Action On Film – Film Festival in Long Beach, CA that same year.

Now, Slick Two Three is, however, pursuing his primary passion – acting, creating short films on skates as well as auditioning for other projects, this showcases to the world another side of Earl Brown that most never knew.

Slick’s current project is called Trial Time TV, a comedic music show slated for sale to Netflix. He is also working on several other comedy shows as well as action films, reiterating his creativity and versatility.

The world can only wait for what Earl “Slick Two Three” Barlow has in stock for the entertainment industry.

Who is Slick 23 (Earl Barlow) and where are you from?

My name is Earl “Slick Two Three” Barlow, CEO of Sharp Team Entertainment, born in Jacksonville, FL, raised in Atlanta, Alabama, Ohio and Indiana.

What prompted you to venture into the entertainment industry?

I initially got into the entertainment industry to become an actor and stuntman, but always had a passion for music.

Tell us about your Sharp Team brand?

Sharp Team Entertainment is a multimedia company based out of Atlanta Georgia specializing in Music, production, and film.

Tell us about your role as a director on some of the hottest television shows out?

I am the Supervising Producer or Director of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta season 4,5,6, and 7. I also work as the director for Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, Love & Hip-Hop Miami, Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood, and Love & Hip-Hop New York from time to time.

What do you like about being a director?

Being a director of Love & Hip-Hop means I have the opportunity to create new visual concepts never before seen on television.

You are also currently pursuing your acting career tell us about that.

My primary passion is acting and always will be acting. Currently, I am creating my own short films on skates as well as auditioning for other projects.

You have built a power circle of subject matter experts within your company, what was your process to weed through the multitude of people looking to work with you?

There are a lot of people that come and go in this industry and only the strong survive. This Industry is definitely not for the faint of heart. A lot of people try to work with me, but they mostly come with their hand out. The process that I take to weed through the multitude of people looking to work with me is I ignore them, and if they keep knocking, then I give them a chance.

I go about it that way because that’s what I had to go through in Los Angeles. I’m thankful people always saw how hard I was willing to work and how persistent I was, and they gave me a chance to prove that I was worthy of the opportunity.

What’s happened in your career that makes you feel this is the industry for you?

I never give up, even when I should! I knew I was built for this when I first started. I reached a high level of success in every department of this industry that I have applied myself to. My long-term work with the most popular reality television vehicle in the industry is also a great source of validation!

What was the biggest obstacle in getting to your current career phase?

The biggest obstacle I have faced in this industry is dealing with fake people with ulterior motives. Nothing is always is it seems.

Tell us about your current project?

Currently, I am developing a project called “Trial Time TV” which is a comedy music show slated for sale to Netflix. I’m also working on several other comedy shows as well as action films.

What do you feel has been your most significant life achievement so far?

My greatest life achievements so far are hands down raising my two children!  My son Raylun “Cul-Da-Sac Kid” Barlow and my daughter Sailyn “SaiSai” Barlow. Raylun is a rap artist, and also one half of the rap group “HEADLINERZ” and my daughter Sailyn is a fantastic aspiring actress. These two have stolen my talents and are taking them to another level!

About Earl “Slick Two Three” Barlow
Earl “Slick Two Three” Barlow is the CEO of Sharp Team Entertainment, a multimedia company based out of Atlanta Georgia specializing in Music, production, and film. Born in Jacksonville, FL, and raised in Atlanta, Alabama, Ohio, and Indiana, Slick Two Three is a multi-talented and versatile individual that has been a part of several hit projects, with his breakthrough coming as the director of Love and Hip Hop.

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