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Meet the Newest Grand Hustler Krystal Garner

Hustlers don’t sleep they rest with one eye open, and for Krystal Garner (KG) those words have rang true from the moment that she stepped foot on this earth. Since her formative years, she has paid her dues and now her hard work has done nothing but paid off. The young NYC native is currently working to make her dreams come true and it is her determination that landed her a slot on BET’s newest show “The Grand Hustle” with Rap Mogul TI. We had a chance to sit down with KG her self to talk about what it means to compete for a slot to be an executive at TI’s Grand Hustle empire.

Who is Krystal Garner? 

Krystal Garner: Welp, that’s a very interesting question that’s often asked. Listening to Teyana Taylor latest EP, she says “they ask me what I do, I do everything” and this speaks volumes to me. Currently I act, model, on-air personality, hoop, event coordination, and aspire to do philanthropy. In a nutshell, I grind and try to use all of my talents.

Tell us about yourself and the story behind your reasons for your hustle. 

KG: Where I come from, you have two options; either become a victim of the circumstances or use it as motivation to be more. What I do love about my past is seeing my family not allowing the struggles to keep us down. My mother always provided home cooked meals, clothes on our back and a roof over our heads. I knew how tight things were so I never wanted to be bothersome for anything extra. That contributed to my hustle and grind. If I wanted something, I found a way to get it. From me sweeping at a law firm at age 10 to braiding hair on my stoop for the dudes in my hood. From then to now, my hustle never stops. Shoot, I even sold legal insurance!

What is Krystal Garner Enterprises? Explain vision behind your brand. 

KG: Krystal Garner Enterprises LLC. is the beginning of my legacy. Right now it embodies all of my services which include: consulting, hosting, producing, acting, modeling and motivational speaking. The vision is to be a multi-media agency servicing various talented individuals on achieving their dreams.

How did you come across the opportunity to be on the show?

KG: I’m subscribed to so many different casting sites. When the opportunity came through, it didn’t say who it was for but that there was a chance to work with a multi-media mogul. As a hustler in real life, I saw this as the most perfect opportunity for me.

What is the sole purpose of the show? And some of your favorite moments? 

KG: The purpose of BET’s “The Grand Hustle” is for Multi-Media Mogul TI to find the perfect executive with a true hustler spirit to add to his team and continue to grow his empire. Some of my favorite moments were building with other liked-minded individuals.

What makes this show different than any other competition reality show?

KG: I’m on it duh, just kidding! What makes us different is the array of hustlers on the cast. Some are college trained, some hustlers, some corporate & of course some street!

What was it like learning business acumen from TI? 

KG: Dope AF, EPIC, have you heard that man speak? Learning in general from such a successful and conscious being is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. You’re talking about someone who’s winning in all the areas I aspire to excel in. Granted, we do a lot of similar things but he’s killing on a higher level!!! Teach me your ways TI!

Leave us with a final thought.

KG: Please don’t associate me with those whose goals are just to be on a reality show. The ultimate goal was and still is to be apart of something greater. To utilize the platform to motivate and uplift. I feel that as a people, it is our responsibility to pour into the youth and lead by example.

Make sure to tune in as I battle it out Thursdays 10/9c on BET’s “The Grand Hustle” – find me on social at @krystalgarner.

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