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Published on September 6th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Kenyan band Elani joins Sauti Sol in urging Kenyans to speak out

Kenyan pop group Elani have released the video to their song “Mahindi” that urges Kenyans to stop being silent over rising food insecurity.

In the video, a man is seen driving towards a crowd on top of a Land Cruiser; he addresses them as they reach out to him begging for food.

The man produces a bag of maize which the crowd proceeds to fight for, a depiction of the situation in the country. “Mahindi” is part “Barua ya Dunia”, a debut album from the band that comprises of Maureen Kunga, Bryan Chweya and Wambui Ngugi.

In the Kenya National Food and Nutritional Policy (2012), it is noted that over 10 million Kenyans suffer from chronic food insecurity and poor nutrition.

Another 2-4 million people require emergency food donation at any given time.

In a press release on Tuesday, Elani called Kenyans to action, urging them to step up and address the issue of food insecurity in the country. “We need to change the course of action from chronic hunger, industrial agriculture and food aid, to a discussion about food rights and accountability.

“We cannot let our people starve to death and not raise our voices against it. Life and death. We cannot be quiet about it. And it’s time we discuss it” Reads the statement.

Elani emphasized that Kenyans should take time to learn about the problems facing them and the proposed solutions while taking their leaders into account.

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