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Published on September 4th, 2018 | by Dj Smoke


MANi$H announces himself to the world with new single ‘Ain’t Playin’

A new sound out of Southern California is here from artist MANi$H, and his unique sound and style is one that cannot be ignored.

His new single, “Ain’t Playin,” is an announcement to the world that he’s here to stay and his brand of music is legitimate. With a flow reminiscent of Ice Cube or Busta Rhymes, MANi$H rails against the haters while declaring to the world that he’s going to deliver a high-quality sound that will not be pushed to the side. He’s bringing it hard with this single, and anyone who isn’t ready for the real deal should prepare themselves because MANi$H “Ain’t Playin.”

MANi$H said his music is inspired from growing up in a single-parent household by a very young mother who attempted to provide the best ways she knew how. His music is about providing a mannish perspective of all of life’s opportunities by pushing forward. MANi$H was born in Portland, Oregon and raised in a variety of places along the West Coast – from Southern California to Alaska. In addition to his single mother, the streets became his teacher – and he spent time in youth detention centers and foster homes, where he learned how to hustle his way out of situations and catapult himself beyond his inflicted environments. Along the way he developed a passion for music, and has maintained a focus and determination to be the change he wants to see. Today he lives as a coach, teacher and mentor to those he surrounds himself with.

“My stage name has a two-fold meaning,” he said. “I have a real aggressive and mannish delivery and perspective, but my niche is to keep people on point and help them appreciate that we can’t allow ourselves to slip. We’ve got to stay on our toes at all times, staying on our ‘man shit.’ That’s the consistent message throughout my music. It’s a reminder to understand that you’re going to encounter things in life that will cause you adversity, but if you remain unwavering and maintain your composure and self-dignity then you will always be a man first.”

MANi$H has a unique sound and delivery that is easy for fans to understand. He enunciates his words in ways that cut through to the core and challenge listeners to sit up and pay attention. Anyone who listens to his new album will be able to have a solid understanding of what he’s talking about, even when he uses metaphors to paint pictures of his deeper ideas. And those ideas are in-your-face and to the point, because MANi$H isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind. Even when he changes up his wordplay and messes with syllables, his message is very consistent. Combine that with modern beats and a diverse sound, and his new album is sure to have people begging for more.

“Ain’t Playin” is currently available for download on all digital distribution sites. He plans to follow that up with an album called “MAN-i$H,” slated to be released on Oct. 6. To listen to MANi$H’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:


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