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Published on September 20th, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


Mind Blowing Virtual Reality: Meet Danny Keens VP of Content for NextVR

The digital revolution in entertainment has grown from CGI to Tupac and MiJac showing up in concert via hologram and now the various virtual reality platforms. Whether you are a gamer, travel enthusiast or whatever, there seems to be a platform made for the situation. This brings us to the next and probably in this writer’s mind, the most exciting development, attending a live concert in virtual reality AND being able to turn to my left or right and converse with fellow concert-goers, no matter where they might be geographically located in the world.

That’s right, you and the person attending a concert, game, play, etc., etc., virtually from China, Cuba, Iceland, Wyoming or California, can meet and talk to each other, well the avatar representing you in the display anyway, as you enjoy a live event in the virtual world. Wild huh?!

The global leader in virtual reality broadcast, NextVR delivers that and so much more.

Here’s The Official Line:

NextVR is the world’s largest virtual reality broadcast platform that delivers live sports and entertainment to fans around the world. NextVR brings the front row experience to fans with extraordinary access to the greatest events with industry leaders including NBA, NFL, Live Nation, International Champions Cup, WWE, and more while offering original programming throughout the year.

What is NextVR’s high resolution?

NextVR is delivering the highest resolution possible for each individual platform compatible within the NextVR app.

Where can I find high-resolution experiences?

Fans will be able to access highlights of the 2018 NBA Finals in the NBA Finals channel within the NextVR app. Two options, high resolution, and standard will be available to enjoy. These experiences are free, no NBA League Pass is required.

What hardware platforms can view NextVR high-resolution experiences?

The new high-resolution format will deliver increased resolution and sharpness to HMDs on all existing VR platforms, with higher-end displays realizing the most dramatic impact (e.g., HTC VIVE Pro and Samsung Odyssey).

I had the pleasure of speaking with Danny Keens, Vice President of Content for NextVR to get the full scoop on this leading edge company and the ever-expanding world of virtual reality…tune in:

Find out more about NextVR and their amazing partnerships at

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