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Premiere: Hatty Maines Shares ‘BULLSH1T’ Music Video

Los Angeles’s newest hip hop artist Hatty Maines shares his new music video for “BULLSH1T,” exclusively premiered today on The Hype Magazine. Shot at a loft in Downtown LA, the video spins viewers through Hatty’s mind as he moves throughout the space. It’s a little trippy, which isn’t surprising considering his latest Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas inspired video for “UPSET.” The song is chill, but filled with Hatty’s signature quick-witted bars, and calls a catchy hook as the song fades out.

We chatted with Hatty about “BULLSH1T” and more below.

Tell us a bit more about the inspiration behind your new single for “BULLSH1T.”

I actually wrote these lyrics to a different beat and had been sitting on this instrumental for some time. One day I thought it might be cool to just put a song I had already written onto this beat (maybe I was a bit lazy that day), I think I made the right choice. As far as the content goes, I’ve been transitioning my style to something a bit more laid back and fun; I like to smoke and drink, I’m sick of having to pretend to be angry and go super hard on every beat. I decided I’m just gonna do whatever I feel and stop trying to put myself in a box, I’m on my bullshit.

How did you come up with the idea for the video? And where did you shoot it?

I don’t really have a good answer for this other than that it just kind of came to me one day while I was listening to it. I called up my buddy Will Raver to shoot it, we rented a loft in Downtown LA and got it done.

What made you move out to LA from Brooklyn?

Nothing more than my desire to push my music as hard as I could. I had been plotting on LA eventually but had no real strong reason to go. My girlfriend told me she liked the weather out there and that’s pretty much all it took to convince me to move out here with her.

How do the two rap scenes differ?

It’s hard to say, I’ve been here about 9 months and feel like I’m barely scratching the surface of what’s out here. I will say NY seems like it has a bit more live performance opportunities; I came up at Nuyorican Cafe and Hip Hop Seazon, but the networks you can build out here can take you far. Also, there are some really iconic showcases like Bananas in LA that got great energy… I loved starting my rap career in NY but felt like I had to switch it up.

What are your plans for the Fall? More new music?

Hell yeah boi, I got a lot in the vault. Planning on dropping an EP ” I hate people” and getting a bunch of visuals done. I’m really excited for what lies ahead.

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