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Published on September 26th, 2018 | by Jerry Doby


Who is Sean2 Miles?

Sean2 Miles

Sean2 Miles (Photo: sean2miles.com)

Backstory: Sean2 Miles’ debut solo project Heartaches & Turn ups is everything that the title implies. The extremely talented kid out of Farmhaven, Mississippi showcases his versatility as an artist in this well-rounded effort. Thus far his career, Sean has already worked with legends like Juicy J and Snoop Dogg as an engineer and producer; has 4 #1 records and has broken out with a 3 episode appearance on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules.

Apparently, Sean2 has now found his calling behind the microphone. Ranging from Hip Hop and R&B to Pop and House music, there really seems to be no sonic limitations for Sean2 Miles.

Take a listen to his hit single “You Like It” which has already reached over 1M plays on Soundcloud.

The Hype Magazine got Sean2 to weigh in on a few things:

From the outside looking in, who is Sean2 Miles?

Sean2 Miles is person with an relentless grind and no limits. Love music from all aspects of it.

What brought you to the entertainment industry, music specifically?

My father had a lot to do with bringing me to the music industry. He put the right tools in my hand at an early age. While my friends were playing PlayStation I’m chopping samples on the MPC 4000, this at the age of 15 years old. I was heavily influenced From a producer level by Quincy Jones, Curtis Mayfield, JDilla, Timberland, and Dr. Dre and from Artist level Michael Jackson, BB KING and 2pac

What’s bringing you from behind the boards to center stage??

I always considered myself an artist behind the artist. So after I gain confidence went through life I told myself why not the greats did it. So I teamed up with Charve the Don from Concore Entertainment to make sure I’m heard nationally.

Tell us about your current project Heartaches & Turn ups!

Heartaches & Turn ups is a project with a lot of my Gemini Personalities. This project came about due me just trying to find a way to channel my feelings. Some days I would reflect and some days I turn up to mask what was really going on internally

For new listeners, would you pick You Like it as the best introduction to you as an artist?

You Like It is a great introduction because the listeners can relate to the vibes and frequency this song has.

Tell us a bit about your work and passions OUTSIDE of music…

My work now is to actually put a lot of energy into my artistry. I’m still going to be producing and writing along the way. My passion outside of my music is my 2 kids. My son Mekhi and my daughter Amari give me so much passion as well as motivation to strive hard and leave a legacy. Inshallah

Last but not least, HYPE wants to know…What’s your CRAZIEST “Where they do that at?!” aka WTF?! moment…

The craziest moment was just a few months ago when I was in Africa with super talented brother Gshytt and we were just walking through the city and how everyone was showing love. I mean the vibe was 10 as it seemed scripted.

Keep up with all things Sean2 Miles on https://www.sean2miles.com/ Twitter/IG @Sean2Miles

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