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Published on October 26th, 2018 | by Guest Editor


fiction. – Coconut Water

fiction. is a young artist, producer and songwriter that’s not afraid to share his opinions. Coconut water is his new single that tackles somewhat controversial topical subjects, such as the gluten free trend and the world’s fixation on social media, through heavy lyrical content. The song takes us on a journey of fiction.’s observations and struggles in an admittedly reluctant digital age.

After finding a love for singing at the ripe age of eight, fiction. delved further into electronic realms over his teenage years. Proud to quote Jurassic Park films and write songs with authenticity, fiction. expresses frustration of modern society in new coconut water single. Surrounded by a fickle world of advertising, health trends and online fame, fiction. ends his song with a prominent message of integrity. A battle fiction. wants to take head on with stereotypical high ups with in the music industry.

With a genuine music obsession, coconut water is an alluringly electronic tune that’s a perfect exploration of fiction.’s chilled hip hop influences. As a representation of sheer musical freedom, fiction. lays down this new single with elements of grace and refreshing confidence. Coconut water is an honest single, written by an artist that wants to reject much of 2018’s culture, and embrace music from the roots.

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