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Grant Whipple On How Winegard’s Antennas Are Changing The Cable Industry & Television As A Whole

In this day and age, few industries are more universally hated than the cable companies. The rates keep rising, yet the customer service and overall reliability of the major companies keeps seeming to diminish. In turn, millions on Americans have “cut the cord” in recent years, with many more regularly seeking alternatives as to how they can get a cable-like product with much less hassle.

Winegard’s FlatWave Amped offering is a great solution for those considering cord-cutting. Following a one-time purchase, users can watch top-rated shows in HD for free using this amplified and ultra-thin indoor TV antenna. Local news, weather, live sports and more come through in 4K Ultra HD and Dolby Digital Surrounding Sound, using the FlatWave Amped product, as its high-quality, highly-flexible 18.5-foot mini coaxial cable makes it easy to position the device for maximum performance. Furthermore, it can paired with a streaming device and connects easily to your television’s USB port.

To learn more about the various offerings of Winegard, I spoke with the company’s president Grant Whipple. More on all things Winegard can be found online at

When did you first become aware of “cutting the cord?”

Grant Whipple: Around 2010 and 2011 we began to see signs of cord cutting. OTA had fully transitioned from analog to digital in 2009 bringing HDTV and more digital channels for free. Of course, the price of “Pay TV” continued to rise.

To you, what makes Winegard’s products different from other cord-cutting solutions?

Grant Whipple: Winegard’s products are designed and manufactured in the USA and are of the highest quality. We use advanced antenna modeling software to design the highest-performing antennas and test them on state of the art antenna test ranges to ensure optimum performance. We also use exclusive technology in our electronics and amplifiers to provide the best signal to noise ratio in the industry, which gives you the best signal quality. RF antenna and amplifier design is a black magic and we have been perfecting it for 65 years.

You have a few different Winegard products on the market now. Which is most ideal for a person living in an apartment?

Grant Whipple: The FlatWave Amped is probably the most ideal for an apartment because it offers so much performance in a compact size. If you had a little bit more space, the Elite 7550 could also work well.

Do your products require subscriptions or add-ons? Or is it a one-time purchase?

Grant Whipple: Our HDTV antennas are a onetime purchase. The over-the-air digital HD channels are completely free.

What is coming up for Winegard in the coming months?

Grant Whipple: Winegard continues to innovate our superior antenna technology in order to make other wireless technologies perform better. Our newest product to take advantage of this is a high-power outdoor WiFi access point and repeater so you can stream your favorite shows or check your social media in outdoor spaces and buildings, just as well as indoors. It works with any internet providers, internet connection and router.

When not busy with Winegard, how do you like to spend your free time?

Grant Whipple: I like to spend my free time boating on the Mississippi River with my family. Luckily I always have free TV and internet on the water with our specialized Marine connectivity products. They truly allow me to cut the cord.

As a music-friendly publication I must ask: What was the last concert you attended for fun?

Grant Whipple: The last concert I attended was called Writers in the Round. It featured Nashville songwriters Wynn Varble, Chris Wallin and Gary Hannan. They performed the their hit songs recorded by Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks and more. It was a great experience to hear the stories behind the songs and how they came to be recorded.

Finally, Grant, any last words for the kids?

Grant Whipple: Our products are great solutions for those who are looking to reduce their cable commitments and still watch their favorite shows on HD local channels, as well as those who want reliable access while on the road, like RVers, truckers and tailgaters. There’s a product at every price point so with the holidays coming up, an HD antenna is also a great gift idea. To check out all the options, visit

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