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Published on October 29th, 2018 | by Guest Contributor


Pros & iCons Premiered New Video “Catch Me” via Alternative Press

New York pop rock act Pros & iCons has released a brand new music video for “Catch Me” from the band’s latest record iConic. Fans can check out the video now via Alternative Press: http://bit.ly/2OchjuP. iConic was released on June 1, 2017. Stay up-to-date on the latest news from Pros & iCons at www.prosandiconsmusic.com.

Live Premiere: "Catch Me" Pros and iCons

Live Premiere: "Catch Me" Pros & iCons

Posted by Alternative Press on Monday, October 29, 2018

On the new video, the band shared: “’Catch Me’ is our anthemic battle cry to those outcasted for having alternative dreams. We believe there’s something more to life, which is why we speak to those that stand on its fringes. Our goal is expressed in the first line: ‘Tonight we call out to the broken. Tonight we take back what was stolen.’ Our juvenile years were spent clinging to words of our favorite artists in desperate attempt to feel like we belonged to something. And so, we wrote the punchline of the song—‘You can catch me if you can’—as a middle finger to those who don’t believe in coloring outside of the lines. The video itself captures a narrative of musical progression, expressing where we were, where we are, and where we are going. As we evolve visually and figuratively throughout the video, we’re nearly saying, ‘We’re going to make it. You can catch us if you can.’”

Much like an anti-hero breaks rules in honor of heroism, Pros & iCons’ “anti-pop” approach to their mainstream sound breaks expectations of the “now.” Pros & iCons filters their interpretation of life and presents it through nostalgic, emotive, and inspirational arena rock anthems. The band evokes an energy and power known to 1980s rock ‘n’ roll that has greatly inspired their journey.

Pros & iCons released their debut full-length album iConic in 2017, and have since worked tirelessly to build up a devoted following. Earlier this year they took the stage at select dates of the final Vans Warped Tour, alongside bands like Chase Atlantic, YUNGBLUD, Simple Plan, Waterparks, and more.

Pros & iCons is Joey Dean (vocals), Niko Vaude (guitar), Lenny J. (guitar), and Tylø (bass).

For more information, please visit:

Website: www.prosandiconsmusic.com

Facebook: http://bit.ly/2Knj37E

Twitter: http://bit.ly/2KAieY5

Instagram: http://bit.ly/2KAQu5K

Youtube: http://bit.ly/2KoAxR3

Spotify: http://bit.ly/ICONICALBUM

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